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Complex ovarian cyst and fatigue

Hi my name is Mieke and this is the 1st time I have ever joined a group or posted a question specifically related to me on any forum...but this seems to be a really awesomely supportive group from what I have read, so I thought I would give it a go...so here goes (it's a bit of long story so bear with me)....18 months ago I caught a virus which sent my thyroid into a tail spin of over, then under active...and because of complications (meds caused more problems ie, attacking my bone marrow) it took almost a year to get my thyroid back to normal and in March of this year, my bloods came back normal (both thyroid and blood cell count) but I still didn't feel right....I still felt quite sluggish.  So after some tests (always coming back that everything was normal and it was all in my head) finally in May they decided to check my ovaries and found a then 7.5cm cyst....they waited to see if it went away on it's own...it did not...grew to 8.5cm....now last time I had it checked it was 10 cms.  I finally have a date for a laparoscopic surgery (2/10/14) but my major complaint has always been fatigue....I'm not in any pain really (just around periods which is a little worse then normal), I get acne which is strange for me and I have put on 9 kgs (which ***** coz I lost 55kgs a few years before this happened so I freak out over any weight gain!!)  but mainly I felt a little sluggish in march but with each passing 2-3 weeks I get tireder and tireder (I can barely do anything these days)...I thought that was coz of the cyst, but when I finally saw the gyno the other day (Australian public health system takes a while...but that's another rant!!) he said fatigue wasn't a symptom of ovarian cysts... and now I am worried.  My bloods are regularly tested by my awesome GP and all my thyroid etc is back to normal.  After a year of being exhausted with thyroid problems and then this cyst (add on surgery and recovery) it's been a long time since I've felt like me (and I am a 31 year old energetic single mum of 1, who likes to spend 1-2 hrs a day, 5-6 days a week at the gym or running around the lake while my daughter bike rides it...actually I guess not "AM"anymore, but "WAS" like this)  So finally my question....Has anyone else experienced fatigue (getting towards extreme fatigue) as a symptom of a cyst?  And if so, did your energy return after cyst was gone??  I am feeling rather down, thinking it might be something else causing the fatigue and I still wont get to feel like me after I have recovered from surgery....Anyway thanks for taking the time out to read this...it's actually just been nice just getting it all out and venting a little (hope it's not too incoherent)....hope to hear from some of you
Thanks, Mieke (pronounced Meka BTW :) )
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I used to be driving and the fatigue hit so bad I couldn't keep my eyes open and I'd have to go home ASAP and I'd slept 16 hours. Those sudden bouts of fatigue went away after my 25 cm ovarian cyst was removed. I also have hypothyroidism and symptoms of not enough thyroid hormone include fatigue, acne and weight gain.
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Many doctors dose thyroid meds solely on lab results versus symptoms with labs playing a secondary role. Also, free t3 and free t4 are important in assessing thyroid function but many doctors diagnose and treat to the TSH result. And if you have thyroid antibodies (autoimmune hypothyroidism) your other thyroid labs may look good but symptoms warrant treatment. Maybe you can convince your doctor to let you try a higher dose if you are still feeling hypo after your surgical recovery. And I hope you are losing (or did lose) just the cyst versus the whole ovary.
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Oh awesome thanks so much that's hopeful!!  Yeah I know they are similar symptoms that's why I'm confused sometimes as what belongs to what...I guess I'll find out after the surgery!  Really appreciate you sharing :)
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Thank you...yes I hope the same thing...doc says it's looking good to keep the ovary but I am preparing for the worst, hoping for the best.  Yes after a year of thyroid problems I do get my doc to check my T3 and T4 regularly as well as THS, I went hyper then hypo with no underlying thyroid disease like hashimoto's or graves....was told it was just a virus that sometimes can make this happen, so even though it's meant to be a "one off" thyroid problem for me (according to the specialist she doesn't think I am more susceptible to thyroid problems or will relapse) I still keep a close eye on it all, but I am no longer on meds and it stays within normal range.  Thank you so much for replying to me and after surgery I will def go back and possibly go back on meds if I still don't feel right. :)
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I had laparoscopy surgery 8 days ago to remove a broken piece of a mirena (which wasn't found but some scar tissue and endometrius was found and removed) from my uterus. The 2 incisions on the bottom are a little itchy and sensitive (to be expected) but the belly button one is VERY uncomfortable. Especially when i wear any kind pants. I know 82304906 is different but has anyone else experienced this?
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