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Constant Pain on left ovary

For the last 3-5 years since I was around 18 or 19, I have been having women health problems (though I've had problems before that age, but it got worse when I became an adult). I first was diagnosed with a cyst on my right ovary (even though it was my left ovary I was having the most problems with). That was around age 20. I've had hot flashes where I got so overheated that I took off practically all my clothing, then minutes later I started to have chills where I was freezing like an icicle. This happened around age 20/21. My stomach hurt so bad that I felt like I was in labor and almost passed out in my apartment. My period came late and I was having diarrhea at the same time that the excruciating stomach pain in my ovaries was occuring. This happened about twice where it was that bad, but I still have gotten diarrhea near the time of my period and I get painful cramps, which I know girls can have cramps during or near their period, but for me that was never an issue until my ovaries started acting up, so to speak. I've had sharp pains in my lower back like when a woman is pregnant. I've experienced pelvic and stomach pain. My left ovary hurts every single day, and I feel like grabbing a damn knife and gouging/cutting it out because it's driving me insane. My stomach gets swollen and bloated for no reason at all and it looks like I'm pregnant. I've had unusual discharge. When I was 19 a cyst surfaced to the top of my vagina on the right side, but went away and never came back. I have an unusual odor there now, which I never used to have until the problems with my ovaries. I have no diseases and have never been pregnant. I dreamt I have ovarian cancer on the left side, and I just know I have it. I have to find a new female doctor because the one I had is incompetent and wouldn't take the situation seriously, even though she's supposed to, and she was discriminate and acted like it's impossible for young adults to be diagnosed with ovarian cancer, but it's defibnately not; it's just rare, obviously. I got checked for kidney stones and have none, which I only did to rule out that possibility; I already knew I didn't have any. Am I overreacting? What else could be causing daily, increasing, annoying, uncomfortable pain on my left ovary and a nasty, weird smell, and an abnormal amount of discharge than I used to have? I am only 23, but everday the pain on my left ovary especially increases and I don't know what to do anymore. By the way, last time I had an ultrasound done, the cyst wasn't seen anymore, but the problems continued on. Someone, please help!
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I am so sorry to hear about your pain and troubles.  Just know that many of us have had pain and struggles for many years.  Sometimes, it does result in a serious condition.  But, often, it is just an annoyance you have to endure for years.  Endometriosis is a condition that causes pain like you describe.  It is very hard to diagnose without surgery.  I struggled for so many years before I had my kids.  I thought the pain and discomfort was never going to go away.  I did get relief for several years after giving birth to my first child.  When she was 7, the same terrible symptoms came again which helped me know something was wrong. I ended up having early staged ovarian cancer.  But, this is not a usual occurrence.  

High hormone levels, endometriosis or PCOS can make your monthly life a painful mess.  At transvaginal ultrasound can rule out serious conditions.  So, if you have new or persistent pain...please see your gynecologist.  It is often impossible to determine the cause of pain.  Don't worry about overreacting.  But, instead, be proactive and persist in checking out new and persistent symptoms.   Odds are definitely with you that it is benign.  Endometriosis and other disorders can cause persistent pain that is not able to be seen. Birth control pills are often a remedy that helps many women.  I hope you feel better soon! :)

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