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Cyst pain

What kind of pain does a cyst cause? A few months ago I started getting this pain where I believe my right ovary to be. It wort of went into my right thigh and my lower back. It would come and go. Went to OB- she did a pelvic exam and said everything felt normal. Pain might be from an UTI. No uti. The pain is back, dull but annoying. It started a week maybe before my period and has not gone away - about a week out from my pain starting. The pain is now always there, it actually use to feel better after sleeping but now its there when I get up. Although it is dull every once in awhile I get a twinge of sharper pain that quickly subsides back to the the dull ache???

Sound like a cyst? Even a small one that maybe the doctor could have missed?

If you have or had a cyst what was your symptoms?
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I used to get ovarian cysts every six months or so.  They hurt like heck, in the local area of the ovary.  Would happen after ovulation, starting a couple of days later, and stick around for a week or so.  Sometimes I would be pacing the floor, unable to sit down comfortably.  They would always resolve by the period.  Have you been checked for kidney infection or bladder infection?  The aching down the leg sounds more like that.  
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I had aching in my thighs, hips, lower back and still get that due to cyst on remaining ovary. It is very common for women to get cysts due to ovulation, usually small around 3cm in size and goes away when you have a period.

My dr felt that there was something during a pelvic exam (gee couldn't be because she touched me and I almost kicked her as I jumped my sheet cause of pain!!) You could also ask and request an ultrasound be done to find out if there is anything going on?

As for pain, try taking ibuprofen and use a heat pack, sometimes that would dull the ache or at least the sharp pains for me.  
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i had a large cyst removed last week and i had no symptoms whatsoever apart from the fact that my belly was getting large and hard.  i thought it was something to do with my periods at first so i dismissed it for a month or so but i found it annoying how i was putting on 2 dress sizes so i went to see a doctor, who sent me for an ultrasound...only then did they discover the mass.

best to go to the doctors and it checked up.  your health and well being is very important...don't wait on thing like this!
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Did you guys get crampy at all. I have had some cramps here and there like I should be getting my period but I am no where near due. They only last a few minutes.

I am waiting to see a new doctor. Hopefully get an ultrasound at least.
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Yes, I was(and still am) crampy, achy, certain movements hurt, i was nauseous all the time etc.

Hopefully with seeing a new dr you can get a second opinon
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Thanks guys. Wish it didn't take forever to get into see the doctor.
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Quick question- does anyone feel better sitting down vs standing. I feel like I feel a little better when I am sitting sometimes?
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Before surgery, I never had relief really no matter what i did. However now, that ive had some issues pop up again now, I feel a lot better when I sit down vs standing. The only thing that gave me relief to some degree before surgery was lifting my leg and basically standing like a flamingo. LOL
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My right leg has been really been bothering me. More so the abdominal pain?? Its almost a burning feeling. It feel better when I lay down though? I keep wondering if I should go to the er?
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i had a sonogram 2 months ago and was told that i have a 6.4x4.5cm cyst on my right ovary and a 3cm cyst on my left. i have another dr appt on 12/3. ive been getting ALOT of back and thigh pain...very minimal abdominal pain. only hurts when i move a certain way but only lasts a second or so. my back and legs are killing me. anyone else feel like this? is this pain connected to the cysts? i wouldve thought that it would be more abdominal than anything.
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I am having the similar symptoms -- major pain in lower back and left hip and thigh.  I have had cysts for over 30 years now, but only one other time has the pain been as bad as it is now.  The back/hip/thigh pain has been going on for about 6 weeks, but now I am also getting some pain in my left lower abdomen .  I am 56 years old and have not yet successly completed menopause (1 period in each of the last 2 years).  Anyway, I finally have an ultrasound scheduled and am a little anxious.  I just picked up a heating pad in the hopes of some relief from this pain!
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