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My cyst is 10cm and I am due for surgery in January.
What can I expect from surgery, I want both ovays out (had a partial hysterctomy years ago)

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A 10 cm cyst does require removal and it is better to remove both the ovaries as you have already had a hysterectomy. This decision also depends on your age. The surgery and post- op should be uneventful. However it would be better to discuss about HRT with your Doctor.
Hope this helps.
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I just had my preop visit with my gyn yesterday and he recommended I keep my nonaffected ovary for the hormone benefits.  Not sure how old you are but I am 43 and have 8 years til menopause would most likely begin.  (I am having a cyst removed and probably my left ovary next week! Had my uterus out last year)
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I will be 41 when I have the surgery. My left ovary is coming out, my doctor did not give me an option on this, since they cyst is in the ovary. My right ovary has cysts but not as big, I just do not want to have this done again if these cyst continue to grow. At my pre op I am to have another internal ultrasound done, I guess at that time if the cyst on the right ovary are gone then I will keep it and hope for the best.The other day I was in so much pain I had to go to the doctor, I thought the cyst had ruptured-but no luck. I was persribed pain meds but the doctor did an internal utltrsound and said it was still there. If gone at the pre op no surgery, can only hope that happens.
I was just wondering about how long to take off work, to rest and all. I dont think the surgery will be a big deal I just dont want to push it.
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My story is very similar to yours. I have a complex cyst on my left ovary that has cause me pain sending me to the ER once and urgent care twice!  My gyn is going to remove the cyst and he thinks he will need to remove my left ovary too.  He told me to keep my right ovary if everything looks good in there.  I, too said I didn't want to go in another year (just had my uterus out last Nov!!) and have surgery again.  He said the odds are only 5% that the right ovary would form a cyst that could cause surgery.  Also, he said 3 days of downtime after this laparascopic procedure on Thursday. Hope this help! :o)
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It sure did help, I am having the laparacopic done on a Wed. and I will be taking a week off work.
Went I had my uterus out they were going to do it laparacopic too, and they did, But had to be rushed back to surgery because the doctor had cut my bladder, sooo now I have a huge scar!! Then a couple months later they had to go back in because they did not fix they bladder right and went through the same incision!! So needless to say that is why I am so hesitant about the doctor not taking the other ovary now. And I am sooo turned around!! My cyst is on my right ovary!!!!!! My left one has a cyst on it too but not too big. What did they say the pain you were having was caused from??
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Well since the worst pain is once a month they are thinking it's the cyst when I ovulate monthly. It does hurt at other times but is bearable.
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