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Cysts in my ovary

Sorry for the length of the question

I am a 24 year old female overweight ( Not Obese ) Since 17 my periods have been  irregular  in the past 19 months i have had only 1 period. Which is not uncommon i very rarely have had more than 2 in any 12 months.

I went to see my Doctor as there were many symptoms which had developed  I had put on over 5 stone in 2 years with no change to diet or lifestyle. I have Excessive Hair growth on my neck face back legs arms and there is some on me chest. I my face has changed shape and now resembles the "moon face" look. My DR Carried out some blood tests and my Testosterone was at 6.8 Which was classed as High I then had an ultrasound and from this they just said that the couldnt get a clear enought view. So i went back to the doctors and insisted on being refered for more tests as they were merely trying to put this down to PCOS.I was then refered to GYN who ran more Bloods. These came back and my Testosterone was now lower my DHEAS was 16.4 and my Estrogen was very low. The DR Again  put this down to PCOS i asked to speak to the Consultant who Informed me that i was going to be referred to Endocrinology as he believed that my problem is with my Adrenal gland and not PCOS.

So i have now been to Endocrinology who have done a 24 hour urine observation many blood tests and another ultrasound. In which they were unable to find a left ovary and my Right one is full of Cysts and there are also Cysts on the outside. I didnt ask any questions on Density of these Cysts Etc as i was in shock. I was informed tho that these did not look to be PCOS and this was what she was going to say in her report. I now only have a MRI to go untill all my Tests have been carried out but i do not have my appointment with endocrinology to Discuss what happens next untill November 18th. I am really worried as everything i seem to read up on the internet with regards to all these things seems to point to Ovarian / Adrenal Tumours.... However i wont know if i have anything on my adrenal gland untill i have my MRI Sept 30th.

all this is having major effects on my life to the point where my mood was so low i took an overdose to end it all and ended up having to spend yet  more time in hospital. :-(. Easy way out i know

So i was just wondering if anyone had any insight into what they think might be going on.


Sara xxx
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I am sorry you are having to go through all of this.  It does sound like they are going to keep testing until they have a final diagnosis.  I hope it all goes well for you.  You might want to post this question in the ovarian cysts community.  There are many women with experience with all kinds of cyst problems.  Let us know what you find out.  Marie
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    You know, I'm no expert in PCOS but maybe someone will check in with more experience. I wanted you to know though that there is a special forum for PCOS. You might want to check in there also for more information.
      I'm sorry ---it sounds like we're sending you from pillar to post, but we want you to get as much correct information as you can. By all means, continue to post here, but check out the PCOS forum as well .
     Also sorry you're having to go through so much !! Please let us know  and a few little pieces of advice.. don't spend too much time on the internet .. you'll scare yourself ! Hang in there and don't panic... You can come on the forum any time you like to "vent'

take care,
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