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Cysts vs. fibroids - newbie

So glad to find this forum.  I'm just learning about this cyst business and the info has been helpful in developing a list of questions for my doctor.

I thought I had a bladder infection, ended up in the ER with extreme abdominal pain last week.  It resolved in the ER but I still have a bladder infectiony/crampy feeling.  I have a history of fibroids, including a peduncular one during my first pregnancy (I'm 44, have two kids).  During both pregnancies, I had lumps on my tummy which I thought at first were the baby's elbows, found out later they were fibroids.

ER CT results showed "bilateral adnexal cystic processes (?) with rim calcification in the left ovary 2.7cm, and minor free pelvic fluid.  Possibly due to a hemorrhagic cyst, but atypical dermoid or neoplastic cyst couldn't be ruled out."  No idea what this means, really.  Could old fibroids be related to/mistaken for a cyst?  If I have had a hemorrhagic cyst, isn't there some danger there?

Am nervous and scared...
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Hi, I'm sorry you're dealing with this pain.  It appears that you have a cyst, fibroid or dermoid mass on your ovary, from the CT results.  You need to schedule an appt with a gyney to review the ct results and decide what to do.  If you are still in pain, do it sooner rather than later, because the doctor can give you something to relieve the pain.  I had a similar situation in March, and did the same thing you did.  CT showed I had a cyst that was pretty big.  I went to the gyney, who scheduled me for a few tests, and we went from there to an oncologist to schedule surgery.  You can google all these cyst things, but none of them are typically cancerous.  In fact, 95 percent of ovarian tumours/cysts are found to be benign.  

You are smart to come here... there are lovely, intelligent people on this forum.  Each with different styles and experiences, and lot's of love & support.

Keep us posted on what the doctor says, will you?

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If you check in on the health pages   to the right of this  you will find an artical that explains cysts in detail   cysts  signs and symptoms
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Thank you, thank you, for your replies!  
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