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Dermiod cyst, thyroid issues and weight

Hello, I am 23 years old and I have been diagnosed with a 6 cm dermoid cyst on my right ovary. I am in extreme pain and am scheduled to have surgery in 10 days. I am having an open surgery with the hopes of saving my ovary since I dont have any kids yet. I was also diagnosed with hypothyriodism earlier this year and im not sure how long I've had this cyst, could the two be related. I have been having problems making bowel movements, moodiness, tired all the time, trouble concentrating and GAINING WEIGHT non stop. My question is if after having the cyst removed, will most or all of my symptoms go away? I realize that some are due to my thyriod issue and I am on meds for that. Also, is my excessive weight gain due to the cyst, and if so, will I lose weight after the surgery. What other things should I expect after having my open surgery?
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im not good with this, but im guessing it might all stop and you should get back on track, before the surgery ask the nurse and see what there answer is, good luck
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Im in almost the same boat as you, same age, and due to have surgery for an ovarian cyst. I have no pain, yours must have twisted or ruptured? Im in plenty of discomfort though and look 4-5 months pregnant, with next to no information from my doctors. Woho.
Your current medication may make you gain weight, where is the weightgain? Change your metabolism? Is it firm or floppy?
If it is your cyst growing, it will go on your belly, and being a sack full of liquid (or whatever it might be in your case) it will be quite firm and make you look bloated/pregnant. If that is the case with you, the surgery should cure it by removing the cyst(s).
I have not experienced any other weight gain, but you should mention it to your doctor, they may be able to change your medication if that is the cause.
The tiredness and bowel movement could also be caused by the cyst, I am struggling with both myself. As far as I can understand the surgery will cause the same symptoms due to the anesthetics and stress on your body, so it would take a while for you to know if they stop when the cyst is gone.

Good luck!
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Thanks for the comments. I had my surgery last monday. I had the open procedure done to preserve my ovary. It wasnt as bad as I thought it was going to be. I was in the hospital until weds. Since the surgery my stomach had been really swollen and loose (its so huge). I look pregnant and I cant even imagine trying to wear jeans. I had my one week check yesterday and have lost 9 pounds since even though I dnt feel like it the surgery so maybe the cyst does cause weight gain. My cyst was small and was not ruptured so im not sure why it caused me so much pain.
Good luck with your surgery also!!!!
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