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Dermoid Ovarian Cyst Surgery Time

Hi there, I recently was told that I have a 12.1 cm dermoid ovarian cyst on my ovaries. The doctors/radiologist couldn't even tell WHICH ovary it was on???! (How do they not know?) Also, I felt no pain prior, and only had weird periods that were never consistent in time or length. I was just wondering how long it took for you to actually get the surgery scheduled after the consultation with the surgeons? I have a wedding on August 3rd, and an active honeymoon scheduled, so the timing is really awful, but I'd love to get surgery as soon as possible. My consultation with the OBGYN is scheduled for June 24th. Any estimations on when I'll actually get it removed after?
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My gyno/oncologist appt was a Monday and she said she could take me to surgery Thursday (2 days later). I ended up scheduling surgery for Tuesday (8 days later) to get family lined up to help me with kids. She said she does about 500 surgeries per year and was really great. I think the more surgeries/experience the better. Good luck!!!
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I had mine the same night in the ER, so I can't really tell you there.  Expect it to take around 4-6 weeks before you really feel like moving around more than what is necessary for healing, six weeks before you can really do something like walk around a small college campus without too much trouble.  Is there any way to postpone the honeymoon if you can't get the surgery in the next week or so?
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It depends on their surgical schedule but it seems many can get you in pretty quickly. But don't let that be the primary criteria for selecting a surgeon. You will want one who does many cystectomies so that the chance of losing your ovary is very small. And being that it is dermoid (no concern for cancer), it should be able to be done laparoscopically for a quicker recovery and less visible incision(s).

Hope this helps!
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