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Diagnosed with small cyst, but extreme pain

First of all, a little background information...  I've just been told I have an ovarian cyst.  I've seen my regular doctor twice complaining of abdominal pain, back pain, constipation, pain with sex, and changes in my periods (among other things that led us to investigate my thyroid).  After thyroid levels came back within normal range twice, he presumed my symptoms stress or diet related.  

Three weeks ago, I began having excruciating low back pain, couldn't go from standing to sitting or roll over without pain, so I went to see a new doctor.  After a very painful physical exam, I was sent for an ultrasound.  The nurse called a few days ago to tell me that I did indeed have a 2.5cm (small, right?) cyst on my left ovary.  As I wait to see an OBGYN in a few days (and after my period when everyone tells me cysts typically begin to shrink), I am in even more pain, especially in my lower back.  I can't stand up straight, and when I move or reach, the pain takes my breath away.

My question is is this kind of pain, to the point where I'm having trouble functioning, normal with a typical ovarian cyst or is my body telling me that something else is going on?  Those whom I've told say ovarian cysts are no big deal and they go away on their own and that most women have them and don't even know it.  Yet, here I am in tears when I turn wrong or anytime I lift my left leg to climb the stairs.  Could a simple cyst be causing this pain or should I be pushing the OBGYN to investigate further?  Believe me, if it is just the cyst causing my troubles, I am happy to have an answer and a plan to fix it, but my body is telling me something else/worse is going on.

I will, of course, talk to my OBGYN when I see her, but I want to be well-prepared when I go to see her.  I appreciate any advice you can share.
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I used to get ovarian cysts on a regular basis, and they were so painful I would pace the floor, unable even to sit down.  My doctor would check each time, and each time, there would be a cyst.  (It was also clearly the cysts because some months I would get them on the left, and some months on the right.)  The first time a doc ever prescribed me a real painkiller for them, it worked so fast I could have kissed the doctor; went from hardly being able to function to walking around and being normal.  I'm not the kind of person to take drugs, either.  But they were, indeed, "only" ovarian cysts.  You should of course talk to your doctor, but what you're describing sounds like an ovarian cyst to me.
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Thank you Annie. Your words are very helpful.  I can't believe people keep telling me they are no big deal.  They're making me feel like a baby for complaining of the pain.  I'm glad to know they can be painful like this for others.  Thank you.
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I had a 3.9cm cyst that caused so much pain I was holding on to things. It felt like something was "Stuck" in my pelvic area. It did resolve on its own but it took about 2 months. I've had them surgically removed - one smaller than yours but it was a dermoid cyst and one that was complex and looked worrisome to my GYN so I had emergency surgery to prevent/treat torsion if it was happening. Ironically there was no torsion but my appendix went out with it.

I would def talk to your doctor if the symptoms keep up.
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