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Do you need follow up scans?

Hi I have a left and a right ovarian cyst the right cyst only appeared this year .
As for my left cyst it's been around longer 1 and half years so that prompted a referral to a gynecologist and surgery to remove it I'm still on the waiting list for the surgery.
I'm just wondering do I need follow up scans till the surgery because my doctor said I don't need too because surgery is the treatment plan .
It's a year long wait for the surgery and I'm concerned that changes may happen during that time.

My gynecologist said she doesn't think the cyst will grow larger .

I did a scan on Friday and the results showed my left cyst has shrunk a bit but not much which is good because the herbal remedy that my naturopath made up for me seems to have some affect .

I want to keep having follow up scans just in case the cyst does fully dissolve and I wont need the surgery.

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Follow-up depends on various factors including:
(1) menopausal status
(2) size of cyst
(3) complexity of cyst

For more info, please refer to following consensus statement:
Please note this only applies for asymptomatic women.
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I would personally want scans since the cysts can resolve. You certainly don't want to have surgery if it's not necessary. How big were the cysts last time they checked?
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On the 4/4/2020
The left ovarian cyst measures as 38mm.
The one had recently done 0n the 11/11/2020
The left ovarian cyst measures 34mm.

So it has started to slowly dissolve and I've only been taking the herbal remedy for about 1 month.
I think I will be persistent about getting another scan in a few months .
Since it has shrunk some and is small, that sounds like a good plan. Hoping it goes away!
I hope so too.
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