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Does a small cyst cause a lot of pain?

I have been posting in different threads to find answers to my pain!
For 7 weeks I have been experiencing pain. It first started off on my right side back - kidney area. (original diagnosis kidney stones). I was prescribed Dicofenac (3 a day) and antibiotics (for 1 week). Urine tests had found blood traces in my urine. I was booked in for an ultrasound to see if there were any stones. Ultrasound on kidneys and bladder came back OK.
I had also told the doctor about my fatigue and weight gain (as well as carpal tunnel and other symptoms) and the doctor sent me for a thyroid blood test. The thyroid came back as slightly under active. I was told to have another blood test in January.
Pain has peaked twice in the 7 weeks, resulting in taking more pain killers. (paracetamol, codeine + diclofenac) however codeine has now been reduced and coping well. Pain moved round to the front (right side) into my groin (also shooting down my right leg). It has been a dull ache on occasions as well as sharp/stabbing pains.
It is now mainly on my right side lower abdomen.
Appendix has also been ruled out. CT scan also confirmed no kidney stones.
I have been occasionally constipated - I mainly thought due to the codeine/diclofenac in take. Currently got mild laxatives to take to ensure bowels empty OK.

I noticed that the week I first got the pain I was due for my period.
I currently have the Mirena Coil (Since June 2013). Previously I was on the implant (no periods at all for 3 years). When I had Mirena inserted, July, Aug, Sept 4 day periods on time. October no period (when pain started) and November was 1 week late but was just spotting for 2 days.
After intercourse recently, blood appeared and I had spotting for a few hours after.

I have just had a full pelvic and abdominal ultrasound. All organs are fine.
Sonographer said he saw a small cyst on my right ovary. He said it is most likely a follicle cyst but it is most likely the cause of my pain.
I'm not 100% convinced that all the pain I have had is that small cyst?? Could someone please help.
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I would like to add that I have also had various blood tests for inflammation, kidneys, liver, full blood count, white and red cells.
Also had various urine tests and pregnancy tests (negative).
CA125  blood test too.
All tests have been normal.
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I have had confirmation that there is a small cyst on my right ovary.
It measures at 2.5cm and been told it is functional.
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