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Favorite post-surgery, healing activities


Laparotomy last thursday and I am bored out of my mind!  I read alot; not much for TV.  What things did you do while healing?   Can't drive for another week and am feeling a little stir ccraazzzzy in the house with two teens.  Just wondering.....................

Don't tell my kids I said I was bored.............I always tell them what a blessing it is to have some reflective time with nothing to do or give them a task to do!

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I love movies.  So, for me, I watched at least two per day.   I also read a lot, slept, and did Soduku puzzles.   If you have a laptop, you can lay in bed and surf the net.  It is VERY boring to be restricted while recovering.  Mild, short walks are good for your recovery.  Perhaps, you can have a family member drive you to a pretty park, or other outdoor location.  You can get out and smell the fresh air and walk.  Be sure not to overdo it and that you are walking on relatively flat areas.  Inclines put too much pressure on your stomach muscles until they have healed further.  It also helps to have a family member close by in case you are dizzy from the pain meds or feel like you are going to fall.  Just getting out of the house helps immensely.  I began doing this at about 10 days post-op.  I happened to also have many boxes of family pictures that were a mess, so I sat in bed and organized them into albums.  Unfortunately, before you know it, you will be recovered and free time will no longer be available since you are a mom. :)  

Take care,

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I crocheted scarves - lots of them!  I did this while watching tv.  Everyone in my family (and friends) had at least 1-2 new scarves for the winter!  Also, the internet was great and I always love to read.  It is really tempting to do too much too soon but it is really bad in the long run!  If your teens are girls have a spa day at home.  Do manicures and facials.  I did this with my daughter and she loved it!!!
Hang in there!
Laura :)
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