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Hi everyone
Well I'm home from surgery (had it on Thur the 15th).
Good news is no cancer was found - still waiting for final path but I am encouraged by what I know so far.  I did have to have a laparotomy (which I was prepared for) as I had too many adhesions to be done safely via laparoscope.
I also had endometriosis in a bunch of places.
The cyst was actually inside my ovary and found to be benign (waiting for full path report) but I had endometriosis covering the ovary as well.
The gas pains were just as bad as the incisional pain.
I'm off to rest but wanted to thank you all who sent me well wishes!
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Glad to hear your good news!!  Wishing you a speedy recovery and no more of those nasty gas pains!! Rest, rest, rest...

Take care,
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So good to hear from you and glad for the good news.  Sleep, walk and take care.  Hope my experience turns out as good as yours!

All the best,
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Good to hear from you. Happy to hear the good news. Rest up for now and let us know when you hear from the path lab (we like to celebrate) and if you have any recovery questions.
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Congratulations on your wonderful news!!!  I hope you are taking it easy and getting lots of rest.  Let everyone take care of YOU.  You deserve to be pampered a bit.  Yep, the gas pains can be HORRIBLE.  Make sure that you are walking every day (even if it is just around your house a few times a day) as this will help move the gas.  I hope your final report is just as we are expecting.  Good news so far.  

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That is great news !! Now, please rest and drink lots and lots of water  and when you feel up to it, drop a line..

Be well,
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Wonderful news, rest and take care of yourself. Let us know how you are doing.
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That is good news! I hope that you take the time to rest and recover.  Even once you start feeling better, don't overdo it, rest, rest, rest!

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Hi there

I am waiting for an op date too - I'm interested to know whether they took your ovary when they took the cyst?  I know you said it was inside the ovary so I guess they probably did.

I have a large cyst and supposed to having keyhole to remove it - but my fear is waking up after the op and not knowing til then what surgery I've had (keyhole or lap) and whether they've had to take an ovary or not....


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hi there
they took everything - full hysterectomy - but that was the plan prior to me going under).  2yrs ago i had an endemetrioma on my rt ovary and removal of that necessitated removal of the ovary because it was all stuck together.  that was removed laparoscopically so much less invasive.  unfortunately they can't always know whether or not they need to take the ovary as well until they get in and see what they they see.
i had signed ahead of time to take what was necessary esp in the event of malignancy but thankfully all was benign.
this time i knew all was being taken but the question was what method and unfortunately i had to be opened up but i'm counting my blessings since all looks well so far.
good luck
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Hi , thats great news !! . wishing you a speedy recovery .

Best wishes Angie
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hi there iv just had a scan result saying i av a echogenic mass in my left overy it says only may b an endometrioma . the mass it measures 18x14x18 im very worried does any1 no anything about this im awaiting a date 4a laparoscopy in the next 3months long time 2 worry x would b so gratefull 4 any input xx thank u mandy
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can you clarify the size?  is that cm (which would mean it is quite large) or mm which would mean much smaller?
from what you've said (regardless of size) you have a mass that they think is an endometrioma (do you have endometriosis)?
these don't go away on their own generally and can get quite large.
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hi thanx so much 4 replying x the size is mm . i dont think i have endometriosis can it b detected by scan or will i find out at my laparoscopy  i did think thats what causes the endometrioma
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if thats what it is i itis inside my ovary
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did they take your cyst away and your ovary r u in much pain now bless u x was it this month the 5th when u had op x
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so sorry chlo jus read proply u had a h x what symtons did u get with the endometrioma ? what is it x so sorry  im so confused my doc not easy 2talk 2 he jus cant wait 2 get on with next paitent how long did it take u 2 recover after the first endometrioma removel sorry so many questions the the 1st person iv spoke 2 about it .mandy
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i had pain where the endometrioma was a couple of years ago.
i continued to have pain that was determined to be caused likely by my extensive adhesions and also probably due to the endo and uterine fibroids..
i just had my operation last week.
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i hope u make a speedy recovery thanks 4your time xxx
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Congratulations on your successful surgery & clear path report!
On to the healing!

Keep in touch, let everyone know how you're doing!

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thanks for all the kind words!  i am 7 days post op (just reminiscing tonight w/ my friend how last week at this time i was up-chucking the stuff i had to drink for bowel prep).  i feel good today and did yesterday as well - first time i have had 2 good days in a row.   i still have a fair amount of pain but my appetite has finally returned which has helped decrease the waves of nausea i was getting w/ the pain meds etc.  i get my staples out on friday.  i have a vertical incision due to the scarrring/adhesions i had formed from 2 previous c-sections so things are pretty tender when i get up.   no hot flashes yet -anyone know when those start?  i will discuss hrt etc on my f/u in june but not looking to get on those anytime soon if i can help it.
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So happy for you ... keep your finger's crossed for the rest of us yet to go under.
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It is always a cause for celebration when you don't get into the 1% club.  That is definitely a club that does everything they can NOT to recruit members.  LOL

I hope you took a pain pill before having those staples out.  OUCH!!!

You still need to rest and if those gas pains are still bothersome try to lie down with your legs up a wall.  Sometimes that helps with the gas pains that get up in your shoulder blades.  No you don't have to stand on your head, just scootch your butt up to the wall and than put your legs up.  

I would not worry about that path report.  If they even suspect you have cancer, they get those paths back to the Dr in the OR before they staple you up.

Good luck and don't feel you have to jump back into things and get everything done at once just because you are feeling a little better.
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