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Has anyone had an Ovarian cyst with diverticulitis issues?

In May 2020, I had my first diverticulitis attack. CT scan showed an adnexal mass left ovary 5.6 cm. They couldn’t tell it was actually the ovary until 3 scans, an MRI, and two more diverticulitis attacks. They said it could be scar tissue from past endometriosis surgeries. I was sent to a gyn oncologist who said to watch it. I had to go on low fodmap diet for IBS after 3rd attack in Aug. I had surgery for rotator cuff in Sep with a tough recovery resulting in nerve entrapment. End of Dec I started to feel super tired and about a month ago had some pain in same spot where I first experienced the diverticulitis pain (left ovary side). Acid reflux and terrible burping and brain fog also. I was diagnosed with SIBO (small intestine bacteria overgrowth) and experiencing higher than normal blood pressure and throughout the month odd symptoms like change in taste, fatigue, heaviness in chest. Was put on Xafixin for SIBO. Went back to gyn at urging of my gastroenterologist. He wanted cyst removed as it has not changed in size and I continue to have all these stomach issues. Started taking different vitamins since I think the SIBO was preventing absorption. Gyn at first didn’t think I should have surgery but when she did an internal, I felt the same discomfort in the left side. Each time I have a BM I feel pressure like something is pushing against my skin inside. No one can explain other symptoms. I went to a rheumatologist this week to rule out Lupus which my mom had and sister has. Tests came back on the normal lower side (C4). Having cyst, ovaries and tubes removed next week. Went into early menopause at 35. Now 59. Also Jan 29 urine test showed bacteria and UTI. I had no uti symptoms though.

My question is can a cyst that is close to your intestine/tube cause all these symptoms? Cholesterol is really high yet I eat extremely healthy because of the IBS.

Lastly. Had left thyroid removed 2015 and gallbladder removed 2017. Before gallbladder had stomach pains had to go to ER where they saw gallstone. It did not show cyst back then unless it was hiding.

Thank you and sorry for the unorganized question.
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Hi Dmgaylord,

Though our situations are different, I do have ovarian cyst all the time. I have an Endometrial Ablation 17 yes ago due to several reproductive issues (my post is at the top with full description). After having my Endometrial Ablation, I no longer have my periods, however I still feel a weighted tummy, bloating, cramping, and back aches. When women have their periods it's normal to get some functional cysts, but they should go away, I deal with mine and the severe pain that come with them for months and sometimes it's dibilitating pain that lasts for several months. Having ovarian cyst have caused me a HOST of issues over the years, including high cholesterol and when brought to the attention of my gyn, she says... They'll go away. And never mentions them again. I researched her for over a year because I needed someone I could trust, but I am again looking for someone else who can help me. My mother has diverticulitis as well and used to struggle with the same perpetual issues with ovarian cyst, however she is long over Menopause, but I remember the pain would bring her down to her knees. If you're 59, I would imagine you're over Menopause, so I believe having the ovaries removed may cause great comfort, but I am no doctor. Reading back at your post, I cannot help but wonder if the cysts are causing the UTI. I say that because, my ovaries are incredibly sensitive to aggravators (cysts); I had to eliminate every single aggravator I could think of and still research regularly. In April of 2019, I had a week of misery and had several ovarian cysts pop over the course of 2-3 days and struggled with UTIs and Yeast Infections. I took a look at my list and thought, "Ahh, I haven't yet eliminated sugar - of all sources." So, I found myself going Keto. Well, my symptoms we're almost 100% gone and I lost 28 pounds in less than 8 weeks. Now, I feel as though my body has gotten used to the Keto and my cysts came back and I have been in tremendous pain for a little over a year. So, Keto did work for the UTIs and Yeast Infections, but... Not so much for my cysts.

I apologize for the ever so lengthy post; I'm a new poster.. and always have a lot to say. I'm sorry.
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Hi, i have a UTI and have had SIBO and I heard they are connected. I so feel your pain. I will pray for you.
Hi , did your diverticulitis resolve after cyst removal?
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Oh my, so sorry you have been going through all this! A cyst of 5.6cm would typically be watched to see if it resolves on its own. However, you stated that your gastroenterologist said it hasn't shrunk at all. When was your last image (ultrasound?) to check it?

I am curious why your doctor is going to remove both ovaries and tubes (I assume keeping your uterus)? Ovarian cysts and tumors are almost always benign even after menopause.

The ovaries produce hormones a woman's whole life. Their removal even after menopause has been shown to do more harm than good. One study showed earlier mortality even if removed as late as age 75. Surgeons with good cystectomy skills can almost always remove just the cyst and save the ovary and its vital endocrine / hormonal functions. This is a good resource - https://web.archive.org/web/20181005231258/http:/ovaryresearch.com/ovarian_cysts.htm.

My organs were needlessly removed and I never could have imagined the effects.

I hope this helps!
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Hi. I had the surgery yesterday. I have had quite a few CT scans andMRI and the gastro and primary docs said it should come out. The gynecologist wanted it out after examination when it hurt. Had surgery yesterday she said  the cyst caused the diverticulitis and I had inflamed  scar tissue from previous surgeries. The other stuff I’m experiencing looks to be vitamin deficiency.
I hope your recovery goes well.

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