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Help-Hystorectomy scheduled Monday

Hi- I'm new to forum-after several sonograms and biopsy, dr today advised I should have full hysterectomy-scheduled for Monday. Findings on sonogram-complex cystic mass 3.8x2..2cms, several thick septations. Individual ovarian cysts w thick walls between them or even possibly a folded tubular structure such as hydrosalpinx. There is no free fliud in the cul-de-sac. Results of CA 125 were 6.5 but Dr still feels due to my age(59)and size of cysts there is a possiblity of cancer. Would anyone recommend a second opinion? My OBGUN office said if I dont get this done Monday, I cant get on the schedule until May and I shouldnt wait that long, but this is too much too fast-anyone please respond?
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   If your Dr. suspects cancer, I hope a Gyn/Oncologist will be performing the surgery or at the very least, be on standby just in case. Chances are still good though that it is benign.when you mention you had a biopsy, how was that performed? There are some members here that have had cysts such as yours, even larger, and still had a benign dx. Regarding the CA-125, it usually is a bit more reliable in post menopausal women than in the younger women, however it still isn't 100% accurate as a diagnostic tool. There are women on the Ovarian Cancer forum that always had low numbers and still had cancer. Conversely, some have had high numbers without any malignancy.

Now, having said all that.. if your Dr. suspects cancer, I don't know that I'd want to mess around with the "waiting" game. Please ask him about the Gyn/Oncologist issue . Good luck with all of this and let us know.
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I am in something of the same boat.  I am scheduled to have my surgery tomorrow (doing my prep now).  I had a partical hysterectomy many years ago, and now have a large complex cyst which will be removed.  It has taken from Mid-January til now to get this done, so I understand the need to get it over with.  Scheduling can be a problem.  And then I got sick and had to postpone it an additional two weeks.

The most important thing is to have confidence in your doctor and hospital team.  There are no gyne-oncologists in our area, but my doctor and the surgeon are very experienced (16 years) so I'm comfortable putting my trust in them.  

If you don't feel comfortable with your doctor and hospital, then get another opinion.  Is he a gynecologic oncologist or an ob/gyn?  Are there gynecologic oncologists in your area?  I know what you are going thru, but the final decision is yours.  It's your body.  I wish you well.  

I'll check in in a few weeks when I'm recovering.

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