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Hemorrhagic Cyst and Other US Findings

I was wondering if I should be concerned about any or all of these findings as well as what appropriate next steps or questions to ask my gyn might be?

I have a very significant family history of ovarian cancer. My grandmother passed away from it, as did her mother at a very young age--in her twenties immediately after having my grandmother, I believe. So, needless to say, OvCa makes the women in my family very nervous. I'm 25.

I've been having issues with breakthrough bleeding for about the last year and a half no matter what pill I'm on. I only weigh 105 pounds and I'm on a 35mg pill now up from Yasmin. I have episodes of severe mid back pain and have had one episode of incredible pelvic pain that left me on the floor in tears approximately a week before a transvaginal and pelvic US.

The particulars from the US are:

Uterus measures 8.1 x 3.1 x 4.9 cm. Endometrial stripe measures 5 mm. (It appears as though my GYN underlined the 5mm in pencil before making me the copy of the report. Unsure as to why).

Left ovary measures 3.8 x 2.1 x 2.8 cm. There is a 2.1 cm hypoechoic lesion in the left ovary with low-level internal echogenicity, suggestie of a hemorrhagic cyst.  There is a significant amount of free fluid identified in the pelvis which also has low level echogenicity within suggesting that this may be related to the blood, possible associated with a hemorrhagic cyst on the left.

Right ovary measures 2.9 x 1 x 1.9 cm.

There are multiple simple cysts visualized elsewhere in both ovaries.

I had an ultrasound in December 2011, which also stated there were multiple cysts in both ovaries, however this is the first time I've had something more substantial. There are plans for a follow-up US in June 2012.
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Given your family history, the US report, and your symptoms I think the plan for US followup in June is good.  I usually re-image 6-8 weeks after an US of this sort.  Given this US report it seems you tend to make cysts in your ovaries, you have a hemorrhagic cyst which may have ruptured as there was fluid in your pelvis, and that it should be followed by repeat US to ensure that it goes away as they usually do.
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