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Hormonal imbalance after partial oophorectomy?

Hi, I am 31 years old.  Lost my left ovary last February due to ovarian torsion out of the blue because of a dermoid cyst.  Found the same size dermoid cyst on the right ovary and had laparoscopic (spelling?) surgery on December 6th 2011 to remove cyst along with about 50% of the right ovary.  

I am now having shifts in emotions like bouts of sadness, then some anxiety.  I am feeling very irritable and impatient.  I have been sleeping alot and waking up sweating, then feeling very cold at night, to the point where it's difficult to warm up.  I feel like my body is completely off balance.  

I am also on the nuvaring birth control.

Is this normal?  Has anyone experienced this after this type of surgery and/or partial oophorectomy?  I don't recall feeling this way when the left one was removed...

I'm feeling scared and desperate and just need some validation that this is a part of my recovery and normal.  Help, please...

Thank you all.  Love this forum.
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After partial oophorectomy the body will take some time to adjust to the declining hormones. Also emotions relating to loss of the ovary may be playing on your mind. Meditation may have a calming effect. Also you should get your thyroid hormone levels checked.
Hope this helps.
My 27 yr old daughter had similar surgeries over the last year or so and has expressed these same desperate emotions to me many times now and it just hit us both that it is her hormones.  She just thought she was severely depressed.  She is going to the doctor in Dec when her insurance kicks in, but in the mean time, what are some natural remedies that may help?  She is feeling so desperate and it is breaking my heart.
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