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How can cysts disappear so quickly??

I had a laparoscopy a week ago to remove a 8 cm cyst on one ovary, a 4cm cyst on other ovary and probably both my ovaries. The cysts had been seen on an ultra sound, ct scan and , 6 days prior to op, on a vaginal ultrasound ! When I woke up the surgeon had found no cysts and left my ovaries as they both looked healthy. I had been suffering 2 months of awful pain. How is this possible ??
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In my personal case I felt I took forever to heal. The pain was horrible. I had surgery in November and sex been impossible since. As of this week I found out I have 2 more cyst one in which is complex. You should check up on it. I'm dreading the possibility of another surgery. Don't ignore the pain. Ibuprofen helps with the pain alotttttt other meds failed in my case even morphine.
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Cysts usually resolve on their own. Since yours were seen on u/s and CT scan just 6 days prior to op, they may have ruptured versus slowly shrinking to nothing.

It's a shame you underwent surgery but glad to hear your surgeon didn't remove anything. My gyn removed everything (both ovaries, tubes and uterus) for a benign cyst on one ovary. And shockingly, this is not unusual. That was 11 years ago and I've been paying the price of rapid aging and a whole host of other nasty after effects ever since!

Even if the cysts had not resolved, you shouldn't have needed either ovary removed. Surgeons with good cystectomy (cyst removal) skills can usually remove even large cysts and still preserve the ovary or enough of it to continue producing hormones. Contrary to what many realize, the ovaries produce hormones a woman's whole life and are essential for good health. Removal of even part of the "reproductive" system (an ovary, a tube, the uterus) can permanently disrupt not only fertility but also the non-reproductive endocrine / hormonal functions increasing our risk for many health problems.  
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