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How can you tell if your cyst ruptured or grew?

Besides the unbearable pain is there any way you can tell if your cyst ruptured? My pain gets worse everyday without warning. It was fine for a while but it's been so bad sometimes I can hardly walk. I was in the ER a couple days ago but all they did was shoot me up with medicine. I'm suppossed to get another sonogram soon. If it did rupture would I have to get surgery?
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Not necessarily.  It depends on what kind of cyst you have.  Sometimes if it is complex, they do clean you out and check for infection to other organs.  Other times if it is simple, they just give you pain medicine and it goes away on its own.  Your pain doesn't necessarily mean the cyst ruptured.  The cyst can be twisting on your ovary and nerves, which will cause all kinds of pain and discomfort.  Wait and see what the ultrasound says and try not to worry. Even with all that pain and hassle, cysts usually are nothing to worry about. Good luck.
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Did the ER do a ct scan? Babypooh is right, the pain could be that the cyst twisted your ovary. Try a heating pad and/or motrin.for the pain. If you develop a fever go back to the ER. When mine happens, i can feel the pain all the way up in my rib and lower back. Do you know what kind of cysts you have? Most can be treated with birth control.
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Hi.  If your pain is not abating you should return to the ER and ask them to perform a transvaginal ultrasound.  Your cyst could be twisting and cutting off the supply of blood to your ovary which can lead to that overy "dying".  It will also give you peace of mind if they look and see it is fine.  But if you have continuous pain please don't ignore it.
Best of luck!
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Has anyone had pins and needles in legs since having a cyst?
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Havent really paid attention. Been suffering with cysts for almost a tear, so use to weird feelings/pain. What other symptoms do you have?
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Tear is supposed to be year
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I have a dermoid cyst 7 cm and waiting for surgery and i researched that they can affect blood supply so i am scared its cutting off blood to my leg, Did you have surgery i am sooo scared X
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I am 28 years old and have had excruiating pain in lower right Lombard area of my back. It comes and goes but sometimes if I try to work it out like a knot n massage it, I feel the pressure pushing to my right lower pelvis!? I have been told I am 'cystic' as in prone to them and also had a laperoscopy two years ago andfound my ovary had somehow broken off from f tube and was now attached to my appendix. Although then my peroods were unbearable, since June of this year my back has started. It feels like a very internal knot but clicks when I am on the 'knot" and it is very close to bottom of spine . I have had evrything done diagnositicly, showed nothing (except a common cyst) except for an MRI. Today it has been more frequent and at times I almost fall to the ground from the stabbing pain radiating around to the right side !! Please help!!
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