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How long do you wait?

I am new to the whole ovarian cyst world...and I am sad to listen to all of these women waiting in pain and fear....as am I.  I am 43...never had any problems...have had pain during sex for a very long time...finally told my doc...had a sonogram...I have a 5 cm complex cyst primarily solid with multiple septations on my right ovary waited a month didnt get signifacantly bigger, but a little...and now have a 2.2 complex cyst on my left ovary.  Nobody (1 doctor 2 radiologists) can tell me what it/they are...but did tell me they could be malignant...where the worrying begins...Now we are waiting...for what?  For how long?  AND How long is too long?  :( Is it a danger sign that the second cyst appeard? I am experiencing bloating, pain under ribs, mild cramping...however I am not having the unbearable pain that a lot of women have (THANK GOD) just an occasional stabbing feeling.  I am lost and scared...and wish I had more faith in my doctor.  One of the radiologists warned me not to play her "waiting game"...and told me I didnt hear that from her. HELP.
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