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How long is recovery from Laparoscopic surgery?

WOW!.....I've read all the posts up to 'last year' then I realized that it might just be easier to 'ask this' then to search for it....i'm one of those gals that 'wants to know NOW', sorry.  
My surgery is an 'outpatient' one at a local hospital, they said i'd be home by late afternoon at the latest (providing there's no 'issues') but i'd be 'out of pocket/recovering' for at least 3-4 days....NOT WEEKS....are they wrong with that diagnosis?  I really need to know, i'm the only one that works here in my office (it's a company that has two venues) and I do 'everything' and there's NO replacement or stand in.  I'm not even sure how my boss is going to handle this news, but HEY, it's my health and it comes first!  Please advise ASAP!
P.S. I really liked the idea of 'pre-making & freezing' meals, this way I don't have to rely on hubby for that.  As for the 'constriction' after surger....been there done that with my hip surgeries and there's no way I want to go through that 'feeling & situation' again....YUKKO, I think i'll research the bran muffins and 'fiber' supplements this week.  You ladies are great, i'm so happy I found this site!!
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So I realize that this post was started several years ago, but it seems to still be active so I thought I'd add my two cents.

In my opinion, there are three things that contribute to your recovery time:

1) The procedure you had done.  The difference between having a large or small cyst removed is a lot to your body, and having more done while you are under is going to slow you down.  

2) Your attitude.  It's been pretty well proven that patients who are optimistic about their recovery recover much more quickly than those who are pessimistic or apathetic.  Baby yourself for the first couple days, but then start slowly (!!) pushing yourself to do more each day.  For example, the third day after my surgery, I walked downstairs and down our slightly long driveway to get the mail.  The fourth day, I walked around the grocery store with my boyfriend, and every day after that I did something slightly more involved.  It's REALLY important to take it slowly though, because if you push yourself too hard at first, it will set you back.

3) Luck.  I have had 5 knee surgeries (the same procedure each time), and while it's not the same thing as a laparoscopy, I think the principle is the same: after 4 of them, I was back at school/work after 5 days.  However, for one of them, it took me much longer to recover.  Everything was exactly the same as the other four, from the procedure to the medications I was taking, but for some reason, I needed a few extra days to get back on my feet.  Sometimes you just have bad luck, or react badly to surgery, and you will take longer than you (or your doctor) expect to bounce back.  LISTEN TO YOUR BODY.  If it's telling you to slow down, slow down.  And don't let anyone tell you that you're recovering too slowly-- it's YOUR body, and YOU have to take care of it.  It is much better to have a slow recovery than to do more damage to your body.

Your experience is not going to be the same as anyone else's, so use websites like this as a rough guideline, but be prepared for anything!  Even if your recovery is going slowly, be optimistic (I know it's hard!) and pamper yourself!

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I agree, everyone's body is different. sonogram showed I had a 10cm cist on my left ovary.  my surgery was 9-26-12 wed at 7am it was a day surgery but because it was more than 10cm when they got in there. I was roughed up during surgery and I was allowed to stay over night. I woke in so much pain and the recovery nurse was trying to talk me out of staying against my doctors advice but I was happy i stayed. day 2 Thursday I went home. day 3 Friday i slept all day as well as Sat. by day 5 Sunday I had enough of being at home I went to the store walked around felt fine. Got home and threw up everything I had ate that day. So day 6 Mon I stayed home but day 7 was better. I been feeling good every since. It it now Oct 7th I go back to work Tuesday I feel great and cant wait to get back to normal. Today is day 12 and My belly button and my right side hurts the most but not a hurt like I cant bare it but a hurt like a healing cut nothing I cant deal with. Some times I forget I had surgery. I sleep on my belly but I could not do that till day 5. I feel like I could go running that's how well I feel. But I am not a runner. My point is after reading this before surgery I was so scared of what to expect but it was not as bad as some  of the stories I have read on here so everyone is different. I can say this before surgery I had a fat belly I had planned on getting smart lypo to get rid of but now my tummy is not as big and my weight before surgery was 164 today my weight is 153 cant be my diet cause while at the hospital I ate and I been pigging out everyday because there is nothing else to do but eat and watch tv LOL... My kids have been eating a home cooked meal almost every night last week and I dont cook like that anymore beside my kids are 19 and 20 years old. BUT BUT butt the constipation was a killer it was worse than the surgery... didnt have one till day 6 and I am still not right in that area... Good luck ladies...
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Got a 6 cm ovarian cyst on my left side removed two days ago. Three incisions were made. The first day I was incredibly nauseous from morphine and anesthesia although I had no bleeding from my lady parts. Couldn't eat, couldn't sleep, and felt a lot of pain in my shoulders from the air they pumped me with. It sucked.

Day 2 I felt less nauseous and primarily felt pain from the incisions although still some residual pain in my shoulders. Lots of bleeding from the inside but nothing a pad or three couldn't handle. Took Percocet in the evening and slept for twelve hours which was undoubtedly the best remedy for me. I ate lightly and only took pain medication in the evening and while going from lying down to sitting and sitting to standing was awful I survived.

Today I could eat regularly, if slowly and could go up and down stairs without hoping I could teleport from place to place due to pain. Primary pain is from my belly button and left incision. Able to move without major discomfort although bumpy car rides were awful and sudden movements sent jolts of pain. Was able to shower in relative comfort which was beautiful.

I think they say 2-4 weeks because while you will hopefully feel better relatively soon it's easy to tear stitches and over exert yourself thinking you're fine. I expect to feel almost completely better in a week but beware of heavy lifting although I've found gentle stretching to be beneficial. Try to walk after the surgery as it will help with the residual pain but don't push yourself too hard. I'd say a week of relaxing should be fine with a second week of just respecting your limits.

Hope that helps!
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Just to add, I'm relatively young (22) and have a moderately healthy lifestyle. Small exercises and rest have helped me the most. There were no complications with my surgery but I would recommend bringing chapstick and a cough drop and buying something like biotene or any other otc product to help with dry mouth because my lips and throat were very sore. Good luck ladies!
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Yes, I had laparoscopic surgery to remove my small simple cyst, but it was entangled in my right ovary and I only had three small incisions. I'm so very SORE. God, my belly button hurts, but I also got a small infection in my belly button 9 days post op. I'm only 12 days post op now and this soreness is WORSE than the pain I had and I stayed overnight 1 night in hospital. May be I should take the mortin daily. Other side scares are healing very well and starting to dissolve finally!  

It also does hurt to bent over. Sit ups or getting OUT of bed just sitting up from laying down is so hard to do. I could hardly do that the night of my surgery, but I got sick and tired of waiting for a bed pan, so I just got outta bed myself. I couldn't wait longer than 15 minutes and I needed to potty so, I just bit the bullet. But I wouldn't recommend anyone trying to get outta bed aloe the first 3 days after surgery.

Since I dislocated my right hip when I was 13, it felt very funny (and difficult) to lay on my right side.  I always lay on my left side when I sleep. . .but laying on any side hurts my stomach. It must be the stomach muscles are not strong enough to hold up a body on the side since (now) I can lay on my belly and that does not hurt.  

I can't wait until Nov 15th since I will be 4 weeks post op then and I read that is when most women feel back to normal. Oct 18th was my surgery.
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omg thanks a lot. im 20 years old college student. going to hv my first surgery this coming december. and the thing is the operation is on my revision week for upcoming final exam. my doc say i can be recover very fast and i consider to going back to college and take my final exam 2-3 days after the surgery. but i think i need to reconsider it back!
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Know that everyone heals differently.  My doctor said I will only need a 3 day recovery period from my cyst/ovary removal coming up.
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I  have my lap done on Dec 21 which gives me all weekend to recoup I was told by dr. I would be able to work on Christmas eve. That's what I'm eyeing for I have no other PTO time.  My dr says its a 2x2cm dermoid/complex cyst, but ER says its 4x4cm dermoid. i have no idea, but the pain can be so excruciating. It feels as though I'm ready to give birth at times. I will be praying for you all for speedy recoveries. Darn cysts, they are a curse. God bless you all.  I am so thankful for this website.  I debated about surgery for the size of it, thinking I'm a big baby but I know it can also grow and twist the ovary so.
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I think the dermoid cysts need to come out.  You know what they are right?  They may have teeth, hair or fingernails in them.  That will not dissolve inside you. So you are not a baby and doing the right thing! :o)
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I know they need to come out for what I've read.  It's crazy how they can have hair, teeth, nails in them.  yukkk   I pray you have a speedy, healthy recovery/surgery.  The things us women go through.   Gynsymptoms, thank you!!! I do pray that my son will help around the apt when I have it done.   Otherwise i'm on my own, but I do have my faith.  God bless.  :)  Keep us updated ...
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I had surgery on Dec 6, 2012.  Had two endometrioma cysts conjoined (10cm each) and endometriosis removed.  First doctor said a min of one month recovery at home.  Every other doctor said 1-2 weeks tops.  First one was right!!  I am still home recovering... it's been grueling and so brutal.  I live alone and that has been so tough too.  I'm scheduled to go back to work this week... and, I am still having horrible symptoms.  Going back to the dr in two days.

My surgery was 4 hours long.  Dr. said it was very challenging but was able to save my ovaries.  I stayed one night in hospital but prob should have stayed one more as I could not get myself out of bed alone to go to the bathroom in the night after I got home.  Very scary.  I got conflicting advice... walk as much as possible... and, then no... you need to stay down.  I really felt like I was not prepared for the amount of pain I had and the extreme fatigue and sleeping on my back for a month unable to turn on my side was so hard.  I was hunched over walking and could not straighten up... too painful.  

Normally, I am an extremely active and fit girl... I take dance, practice yoga and play tennis everyday!!  So, this has been so frustrating for me.  I also had horrible bleeding two weeks ago... a huge mess and went through a pad every hour... and, no one here to change the sheets for me in the middle of the night. I don't know why I have had such a hard time... I cannot even understand those people who were back to work in a week!!  Is it because I had so much endo and cyst pain before surgery?  Is it because the surgery was so long?  I am extremely fit... so, it's frustrating... and, especially since I was not warned.  

It has been so hard to focus on healing and take care of house chores like laundry and dishes and cook.  I'm exhausted.  No one told me how swollen my belly would be and to prepare with any kind of loose clothing... I keep rotating the same three yoga pants and sweat pants that have loose bands.  My dresses are all at the cleaners now.  

Anyway... after 5 weeks, I still feel so very weak and very painful and unbelievably swollen breasts, fatigue, nausea and dizziness, headaches.  I tried to go to the store on Friday and almost fainted.  Driving in the car is still difficult.  I have been feeling very discouraged and had one friend call me a wimp.  That did not help my mindset at all! I guess not really a friend!!  

A few tips I can offer:
- have fridge and freezer fully stocked (thank God I did)
- use delivery services for groceries
- keep important phone numbers by your bed and in kitchen and bathroom
- keep bottles of water in every room with in reach
- use stools to put things you need near the toilet so you don't have to bend... like toilet paper and pads and such
- hand wash dishes so you don't have to bend to put in and out of dishwasher
- candles help soothe
- keep all charging cords close
- movies, and tv shows... books were hard for me to read til now.
- make notes in iPhone as to when took meds and appts.... my memory was affected by the anesthesia.
- Have friends come by... give them keys in case of emergency.  

I am so amazed at who has helped me so much and those friends I expected to help who disappeared.  I have only lived here for 2 years and I am very shocked that more of the men I know have come to help and very few of my women have been helpful.  Shocking to me.  

Anyway... I so wish I could write a pamphlet about all that I went through.  And, I feel like it will still be another 3 -4 weeks before I can get back to my physical exercise regimens.  

Best of luck to all of you who have had this surgery or going to ... I hope you all have much better experiences than me.  This has been truly grueling and so challenging and at times very discouraging.  But, I was glad to read that I am not the only one who had it rough.  I just wish none of us had to suffer like this.  

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I would like to know how to heal endo with natural remedies. I did
laparoscopy, but they left a big endo scar tissue for fear of infection.
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Natabelle hi, hope ur doin ok, pls can I ask - r u havin any chest pains? Or pains in ur ribs? I had 5 hour long surgery in oct to remove a dermoid cyst that had burst and im still not recovered. I had no idea I had it and They cut me 5 places and one big cut, scars healed but I have a lot of pain when I breath or even yawn. The docs can't find wat it is and I'm strugglig day to day. Bk at work full time but been in and out of hospital since the op. When I had the surgery I was in hospital for nearly a week. No one sEems to no wat these pins r and its really gettin me down. I live alone and totally lost my confidence with guys and can't even look at myself in the miRror without gettin upset.been takin tramadol for the ppain but it makes me sleepy and feel very low. I'm sick of bein prodded and poked and just want to no wat the pain is :-( Pls share if ur havin similar problems xfollowing the removal of ovarian cyst x
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I just had a lap for exploratory reasons. Day one all I did was sleep and ate very little. Day two a lot of shoulder, chest, and side pain from the gas from the fact that your bowels slow down during surgery and begin to awaken. Day 3 still very sleepy, but able to do light chores like laundry and taking the trash out.
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I'm 26 years old,i just had a 5.5cm dermoid cyst in my left ovary removed laparoscopically..I stayed overnight on feb.26 in the hospital for stomach cleaning and preparations for the next morning..at 8am on feb.27,the surgery started and i had no clue what could happen.The ultrasound about 4 months ago was telling that the size of the cyst was about 6.something so i really had no clue if it will be open surgery,if the surgeon will remove my left ovary.Then at 10:30am,i woke up and the surgeon told me everything is ok,he did laparoscopy and he removed only the cyst so i was really glad because i was really praying for that..I was brought back to my room then.my last meal before the surgery was 2pm of feb.26 and then i had nothing to eat until feb.28 breakfast but only tea and water..Then i had plain soup for lunch,boiled chicken breast and soup for dinner..That night,i couldn't sleep because i had a terrible pain in my neck and shoulders and i felt like stiffed.but that was manageable because the nurse kept giving me pain reliever and something for the stomach..The next day(March 1),at 12 noon,i was discharged from the hospital..My first night at home,the pain was so uncomfortable because of the gas.I felt that there's something roaming around my stomach.I tried pain reliever(nurofen) but it didn't help so much..So my boyfriend has to massage me until i fell asleep..In the morning,i felt the same.so i decided to go out for a walk to the park.Then i noticed that everytime i am moving,going for a long walk even if i walked so slowly like a real granny,i was feeling really better.when i arrived home,i was farting and burping so much.Then when i stayed doing nothing again in bed,i felt the terrible pain again.so my boyfriend decided to take me for a walk again.then,that night,i slept soundly without feeling any pain anymore because of gas.and now,March 4,i feel like i am completely recovered without feeling any pain anymore except of the itching in the incision site..So if anybody feel so terribly in pain because of gas,try to go for a walk(even so slow of you feel can't manage yet) in the park and i am sure that it will help you a lot.and also,i drank so much tea also using honey as the sweetener..My surgery was on Feb.27 and today is March 4 and i feel normal already..Thank God so much..3-4 days recovery is possible and i am 1 of the living witness...
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Hi I am waiting for my operation date and very anxious. I have a daughter who is 2 years old and depends on me she is very uncomfortable with other people looking after her I have this problem too. Worried about how will I be able to look after her. I had a c section with her and was up and about straight away with little pain. Want to be able to look after my little girl my self am I able to pick her up she is 27lb obv not all the time and not in first few days.  Work is being very difficult as I have had 10 days off due to gastrointoitis and costointroitis and a couple of days for childcare reasons. They say to me that 2 weeks off will be hard for them to accommodate as will have to take some off paid and some off unpaid and so out of my annual leave.  Worried if I have the major surgery instead and have to haveup to 6 weeks off as I fear I will loose my job. Can they do this as I have have to have surgey and obv have to recover. I work in a private nursery and am very active there with lifing etc so obv cant work.
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yes, you will need time off. I am a waitress/restaurant manager and I went back to work after 1 week. My surgery was February 20th, it was laproscopic oopherectomy and scraping of abdomen. By the 28th I started feeling odd. I thought that as long as I didn't waitress, and only managed, that I would be ok. Of course, our place is a 2 story super busy place. And bussing, food running, carrying plates and running up and down stairs is part of managing. I went to th ER yesterday due to pain. My surgeon said that doing that activity was "stupid". That going back to work is fine if you are an office type person. But, if you're like us, and have a physical job, you have to take it easy. For 6 weeks! Now, I must admit, I don't intend to wait that long. I am however, taking a few more days off, and then am sitting with my team to discuss how I can work without pushing myself too hard. I am lucky though, I have a super supportive employer and management staff. My reason for only taking 1 week off was because I don't know how to not work. Plus, I didn't receive appropriate messages about working. I was under the impression that people return to work right away. And I thought I could too. I am a super fit,strong, high energy healthy person. But, I set back my healing by not wrapping my brain around the fact that this is major surgery. I
I'm very sorry you have such an inflexible job. I 'm not sure its legal though to fire you for surgery? Check with your labour board. I'm sure you can see by my spelling that I am Canadian. Here we are protected from that sort of behaviour.
Get the surgery though. Short term discomfort is much better than longterm health issues.
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I just finished my surgery 3 weeks ago, have a lot of confusing about it. My Doctor is a prof. who is in the top list of Australia.  I asked him what I need prepare after he told me I need do lapascope and booked the time for me,  he answered me it's an easy daily surgery and only needs 30mins, do not need any prepare and just directly come to hospital. I asked him can I go out or have holiday as I already planed a annual leave for holiday, he said if you like you can go out absolutely and in fact you can walk directly after surgery. Then cause me bloody misunderstood it's a very easy surgery and do not need worry about anything. The luck thing is I asked one week sick leave as I thought  I still need some time to rest and my period pain is very heavy, but the doctor told me I don't need recovery so long time. Anyway they still gave me a one week certificate.

The next all the things are not happened like my expected. My operation began from 12:30 pm and I wake up at 4:30 pm, I am dizzy and so weak, I sleep and wake up several times in hospital . Finally at 8:00pm, I sit and stand up walk very slow with my hubby, and then the nurse let me go home then. They didn’t give me any medicines. I think everything will be fine at the next day, but the nightmare just begins.

The first night I can’t sleep at all and my shoulder was very pain and I also had fever, and because I don’t know what cause the pain(I don’t know there has a lot of gas inside), so very nervous and worry was the operation not successful. And I hadn’t see doctor at all and no any suggestion for me and result told me.

As my hubby also need work at the next day as both of us didn’t think he needs stay at home to look after me by doctor’s suggestion. But that’s not true at all!!!!!  I can’t sit up by myself as the gas and inside wound. I can’t sleep by side and can’t go to toilet by myself. I need my hubby to lift up me by hug.

The luck thing, the second day my best friend came to see me. My hubby put the key under the door mat before he left, as I can’t sit up to open door for her. Thanks her look after me for whole day and bring me the pain reliever, as she don’t have enough strength to hug me lift up, finally we found a pot to resolve my pee (shame). And I lie on the sofa for whole day.

After one week I still feel very uncomfortable and my holiday was been cancelled, I call hospital and ask them why I still pain, you told me only 2 or 3 day should be ok. I also wondering do I have inflammation.
After my insisted, they let me come back and gave a prescription of anti-inflammation medicine. Then I went to pharmacy got the medicine and bought a hot pad. Then rest for another week.
And the third week I asked to work from home.
Now already the forth week I still feel inside sore and tired.
The whole process make me unhappy, why doctors not told you the truth at first, the operation may not a big surgery but the preparation and recover time and rest is very important. And as they didn’t inform me at the first time which causes me a lot of troubles otherwise the recovery might be better than now and can have more support from hubby. . My hubby now thinks that I am too weak and my mental is not strong enough as he heard from doctor that this is a minor surgery and only need 3 days recovery!!!!!
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Yes, it is shocking how completely misleading this surgery is. However, you didnt mention if you also had ovary/tubes removed. Either way, the whole fever thing suggests an ingection so you may want a proper follow up from a different doctor. My surgeon is also amazing, but said nothing to me after. It was his nurse I ended up having a conversation with, 2 weeks later. After I almost fainted and couldn't shake the dizzy feeling and was experiencing bad pain so took myself to ER. Thats when i found out that "although the surgery is minor externally, it is still major surgery internally". Thats how she(the nurse) put it. I can't even tell you what a relief hearing that was. And this board. To know I did go back to work too soon, and that everything I feel is common and normal. Its been almost a month and I still find it too sore to bend over. I still am so exhausted that when I'm not at work, I'm asleep. And when I climb stairs, I run out of breath on one flight. Before my surgery, going up and down stairs was something I did for work, dozens of times a nights, and I ran them. I am a super fit woman. Now, i slow down and barely make it to the top. And of course my hormones are still out of whack with my ovary gone. I do know that I am getting better everyday , and that I will be back to normal again.
Please have your husband read these posts. Your experience is like so many other womens. My boyfriend is very understanding, but hes had a similar experience so he knows that it takes weeks and weeks to feel normal again.
Rest, eat very healthy, and give yourself a break
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I had a very similar situation. However, I had the complications after the first surgery (hysterectomy). Infection, bleeding, was hospitalized for two weeks on antibiotics threw a PICC Line.  Went home still on antibiotics. It's been over a year sense that surgery buthad continued pain the whole year. Doctor went in to remove a cyst three weeks ago, only to find that scar tissue was so bad that my bladder, intestine, ovaries and vaginal cuff were all fussed together! My left ovary and cyst was removed and scar tissue was released. It's been three weeks and I still have a lot of discomfort.
I do recommend not twisting or moving fast for the first two weeks! I jerked after the first week (my son had fallen and of course as a mom my natural instinct was to try to catch him, even tho i couldn't move well) I tore something inside that was stitched. So now recovery has been pushed to six weeks! I'm not allowed to pick up my children, we Are moving soon and I am not allowed to pick up boxes and stuff.
I recommend taking at least two weeks for anyone who is having a cyst/ovary removed!
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I want to share my story. I was scheduled for a bilateral ovarian cystectomy, with possible appendectomy on March 18 2013. I went into surgery with no questions or concerns thinking this would be a fairly routine surgery that was scheduled to be completed by laparascopy. I woke up 3 hours later diagnosed with a frozen pelvis, a chocolate cyst, severe endometriosis which is also affecting my bowels, as well an appendectomy as well as both my fallopian tubes removed.

I didn't realize the mental pain that would come in the days to follow. Having the chance of naturally conceiving children taken away from me with no advance warning has been a very disheartening experience.

Please learn from my story and ask your surgeon questions and if they are unwilling to answer them find someone else.

Your health is your worry and you should be in charge!
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Sorry to hear that cassie! Myself at the age of 15years old went through loads of discomfort. I couldn't eat, kept needing the toilet, the list went on! I had enough and decided to go back to the doctors. She felt around my tummy and asked if I was preggers (which I knew I wasn't) I was the referred to have an emergency scan at the hospital and told they couldn't see any ovarian tissue. To be told that at 15 my heart broke and I was in floods of tears understandably! So after a load of pre op tests and seeing the consultant, the day finally came to have it removed. To my horror the cyst was dermoid, size of a head head and weighed 7lbs! The had to open me up along the bikini line as it was way too big for keyhole. I was told prior that I needed an oophorectomy so i knew the deal. What was more shocking is that about 10months before all this drama I had a blood test in which my doctor told my mum I had too many protein molecules and could be an ovarian cyst but I was too young (yeah right...)!
I am now almost 24, and suffering for a lot of the same symptoms. I had doubts in my mine that it could be another dermoid but my doctor referred me for a scan for polycystic ovaries. When I got there the trans-vaginal scan confirmed my fears and was in fact another dermoid cyst (10.6cmx6cm) not so big but still! She then did and ultrasound scan and said she couldn't see any tissue... My heart ached so much I haven't stopped crying for about a week now! I had my consultation and he said that I won't know if I will have any ovarian tissue left til I'm on the table. They wanted me to wait til 25th June but my family and I feel that is too long and have to fork out a mini fortune for private so hopefully my op will be next week!
I know there are women out there that will have it worse! I do totally feel for them and understand the pain they are going through! But remember there are still so many options available to still have children. It's hard to think about it all when something normally taken for granted is so easily taken away from you!  
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Hi there my name is alecia. I am gettin an operative laparoscopy on April 23. I have PCOS and my Dr thinks i have endro. I havent had a period since the first week of january and prior to that i didnt have a period for over 6mnths. I was put on a high harmonal birth control after a month i got a period it was steady for about a year an then all of a sudden it stopped coming and the cyst came back. So i was put on a different bc with a higher harmonal level and it hasent worked at all. So now my dr is recamending the laparoscopy. I have severe pain in my lower stomach/ pelvic region and i get servere sharp pains when i feel like i have to make a bowl movement 2 mnths ago i had stomach ulcers and about 2 years ago had tumors in my bladder. My mom has a rare cancer called msh6(i believe thats the name) muri tori syndrome . I am only 22 i havent yet been tested for her genetic disease. But see i was wondering if maybe its not even that serious? like should i even get the surgery what if they dont find a problem ? what if its just some cyst onmy ovaries and some endro? am i overreacting? what do you ladies think please help!
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So it's midnight and in 8hours time I am scheduled to have laparoscopic bilateral ovarian cystectomy and diathermy surgery. I have decided to take 3 weeks off work as I drive 17 miles to and from work everyday and carry out a very active job. I was scheduled last year to have 2 grapefruit sized cysts removed but due to them discovering I had stage 4 endometriosis and found my cysts, bladder, ovaries and bowels were all stuck together all they could do was drain the chocolate like fluid.

So the drainage did not reduce the serve pain I experienced and nor did being be on the contraceptive pill 24/7/365. So here I am reading post to keep me in the loop of what's to come of hopefully a successful surgery and fast recover time.

Update you on the other side of the operation.
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I must say it depends on the person and the size of the cyst , I just recently had laparoscopic surgery June 5th , 2013 and in fact my cyst was the size of an orange which was 7.7cm. I'm actually luck although all of my incisions were not small , I had an incision inside of my belly button an a small one in my right side , but I have had one c-section like cut exactly where the panty line is . And with this type of incision that would most definitely take more than a few days let a long a week . And I must say I am on a very strong medication to the point it doesn't relieve any pain . I actually struggle to get out the bed to use the rest room , take showers , an also urinate . So maybe I take my I'm luck back you all are more luckier that your recovery wasn't long.
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After 3 very painful periods,I decided to visit my family doc who asked me to do an ultrasound.Yesterday my doc told me that I have an 10 cyst and I need to see a specialist ASAP.i m so devastated and down when I heard this specially I m virgin and I m in my mid 30 and getting married in 7 weeks!!!!I He refereed me to  a GYN.I have to wait an other week to see him and what he can tell. If he ask me to o the surgery how I m suppose to do with my all my weeding preparation. I have been waiting for this all my life to hear this now....
I didn't tell anyone about this yet.I don't know how I m suppose to deal with all this situation and specially now.!!I m really scared.I can't stop my tears..I m coming from a background where fertility is ver very important.....God help me and help us all.
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Hi plus720, I am in a similar situation to you. I recently found out that I have a large cyst, and I also have my wedding coming up. I realize this can be scary, but try not to be too scared and here's why. You only have one cyst, so at least one ovary is a-okay, which I believe is all you need to conceive. The other ovary will likely be okay too as the doctors can often remove the cyst without removing the ovary. Another thing to realize is that in most cases ovarian cysts are not "medical emergencies." What I mean by that is that you can usually take your time getting it treated (let a doctor examine you to make sure this is true for your case). That's what one of my doctors told me. If you're really worried about not being able to handle recovering from a surgery and doing your wedding planning at the same time, you can most likely wait until after your wedding to have the surgery (if you even need the surgery). The only downside to waiting is that I hear cysts can make intercourse painful, so that might have an effect on your honeymoon. As for the painful periods, I hope your doctor gave you painkillers for it. My period was so painful that I went to the ER (that's how I found out about my cyst). Now I have Vicodin and Motrin and that made all the pain go away. I also stopped exercising which also reduced the pain. I didn't even have any pain my last period even though the cyst is still there. Maybe your pain will go away too. I hope this information helps calm your fears some.
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I just recently had one of my ovaries removed due to having a 15cm cyst. Turns out my ovary had twisted itself, but by the time doctors checked it out it was too late.So on June 22nd 2013 i had surgery to remove the ovary along with half of tube. 3wks later still have some discomfort,.not only from the  Laparoscopic but from inflammation where i had the ovary at.So healing time varies for everyone.Just make sure ask what you can and cant do.I was told not to pick up items heavier then 20lbs for 2 more weeks. ....      Maria416.
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Hi my name is Maria and i am 30yrs old I just went through the same ordeal, but my ovary and fallopian tube were not able to be saved, Due to having a 15cm cyst on left ovary and somehow they twisted and cut blood flow to it,i confused it with my period so i went to bed having only taken advil and i woke up at 5am to get ready for work and i couldnt get up the  pain was unbearable. Didnt want to wake my daughter i asked my mom to stay with her and drove myself to hospital. So by the time i got there almost 12 hrs, they did a cat scan and ultra sound and a vaginal , they discovered that it was bad.That same day had surgery and was let out the next day. 3 weeks later still have some discomfort in lower abdominal as well incisions.But the good thing was a soon as all the swelling had gone down i had lost 10lbs. I am heading back to work and i still can not wear pants, i am scared because of inflammation and incisions dont want to mess with them.
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Had laproscopic BSO and removal of uterine polyps, cyst on ovary and adhesions also found.
I have been careful with lifting for two weeks. Done some walking and did food shopping today....taking more than two weeks!
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Hi All, had my laparoscopic surgery yesterday, just dealing with the pain however last night both of my legs felt like swollen and tingly but it was worst on my left and still have a funny feeling to it. Has anybody experience this symptoms before? Thanks for your any information.
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which is better to remove bilateral endometrial cyst (moderate), laparoscopic or open surgery? my doctor told me through open surgery but i'm afraid....
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I would talk to your doctor about doing it laparoscopically and express your concerns of it being done open.  The doctor could have a reason as to why they would want to do it open, especially if the cysts are larger and it would be more difficult to do surgery via laparoscopic.

I would just call and see if you could sit down with you doctor and ask why they want to do open versus laparo. and just explain your concerns.

I hope this helps!
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I am scheduled to remove my ovary through larcopic surgery with a possibility of more. I work in a job where lifting 30lbs and up common. If I don't work I don't get paid and concerned how long for recover. Usually I bounce back quickly but with the heavy lifting for job doctor seemed concerned and said at least 2 weeks..more if more removed during surgery. I live alone and am a bit nervous for I have to do most myself. Is there anyone in a heavy lifting job that went back to work before 2 weeks? Maximum I lift is usually round 70lbs.
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I am 22 years old and having laparoscopic surgery next Wednesday. I own a housecleaning business and therefore have a very physically demanding job. I can only take 5 days off... The Wednesday of the surgery until the following monday. Will I be ok in doing this?
should I attempt to get the full week off? Its just different because I can't "call in"... I have clients that rely on me weekly.
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I would certainly recommend getting a week or more off and tell them that you'll get a doctors note to come back. The doctors have to clear you before you can go back to work. Working places shouldn't be able to tell you how long you can have off due to medical issues.  Surgeries are major and complications can arise if not healed properly
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Hi my name is kyounia west and I had a lap surgery done on July 3 2013 its now sept the doc told me that I three month s I should be pregnant but it has not happen can some please help me and let me know what I need to do please
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I had laproscopic surgery to remove ovarian cyst as well ad a D@C. Surgery was Wednesday afternoon. Was planning on going back to work Monday. I have post op visit Tuesday. Still pretty sore and bleeding heavily. Also I I've about a 40 minute drive to work. Friday I tried to drive a short distance while not taking pain med and hurt pretty bad. Thinking I need to wait til after post op to go back. Didn't think driving would hurt so bad.
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Hi I had this done last Friday and I feel fine I was just wondering because I do mascoting and I was wondering if I would be right to so this on Friday coming it would have been a week but I do feel fine in myself x
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Recommended to have posterior & anterior pelvic repair and....vaginal  hystectomy... for prolapse.  Already surgery postponed twice due to chronic flu type symptoms ( still throat and conjunctivitis with discharge) which would affect anaesthetic...... but....panic!... now fixed for a week's time.

I'm terrified....after reading all that can happen.  I have no bleeding just excessive bloat and take 3-4 senna nightly to ensure bowel movement each forenoon. Urination is a bit unpredictable but manageable as I work outdoors. The prolapse is uncomfortable and a few "accidents" cannot be avoided but not unbearable as yet.  Family wedding is in less than 2 months time, and I recognise there are more than social reasons as justification for postponement again.  I am not ready for this....however fit for my age...after the dependancy being alone for over a year with fractured ankle then metal implant removal , before weight bearing possible to walk and drive again.
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Hi, how are you doing. I just had a few questions for you because I have the similar cyst as you. Did the doctors test or cancer and how fast was your cyst growing up to 7.5 cm.
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After 22 days of solid bleeding early in 2015 my doctor arranged for me to have a hystercopy and laparoscopy to investigate the source and do a biopsy on my uterus as well as remove cysts on my cervix.  During the op he found a large cyst on my right ovary which he "cleaned out".  I was supplied with lots of information pamphlets on all procedures and was provided with a script for post op pain relief.  The op was on 12 March and I put in for 1 and half weeks off work.  My surgery went well and so far I am on day 10.  It doesn't hurt to sit/ walk etc. lying down and getting up still causes slight pain/ discomfort in the belly button region as my bloated stomach adjusts to the change in weight distribution.  There is bruising around the area but other than that it has healed well.  Yes, I spent the first few days on the couch or in bed, no housework etc. but by day five when the dressings came off I comfortably took my first shower.  I was informed it could take several weeks for the bloating to go (the worst part of it) but I haven't any pain, some slight deferred shoulder discomfort but that is it.  The first two - three nights sleep I was propped to get comfortable.  If I had comment on painful aspects of post procedure it would be emptying the bladder, it's not pleasant I was well informed and told to keep myself hydrated regardless how uncomfortable (that's were my pain relief came in handy).   Also, if prescribed pain relief medication causes constipation (laying in bed doesn't help) ensure you have enough fibre (I received mild laxatives) you don't want to be straining.  Just ask your doctor for as much info as possible being well informed certainly helps.  I have slight bleeding, I have also been told to expect a gush between day 7 & 21 so pads are a good idea.  Hopefully so far so good, see how we go.  Pain relief in hospital recovery room is desirable, it helps when they remove the drain (which is one of the weirdest feeling ever and a little uncomfortable).  Hope this helps others that may need it.
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Thank you for your advice on things to have at hand. I feel the same way you do I feel that the doctor did not prepare me for this kind of pain. The gas pain was just horrible and right now I'm just trying to make it one day at a time I'm thinking it's going to be two weeks before even feel halfway normal. Walking up the stairs is a major accomplishment for me I am very very sad about this and I really wish that I knew what I was in for before hand.
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Hi guys, i don't know if this thread is still working but I had laparoscopy surgery 5 weeks ago for a ruptured cist however im starting to panic. my stomach is still very much off to the point where im constantly aware of a bloating/semi pain in the stomach. it feels like when you have eaten a lot of carbs and my stomach is swollen. i'm wondering if it's just the insides still recovering or should i head back to my doctor? i havn't been given an check up appointment just a phone in clinic next week
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Welcome to the community. It seems like you should be back to feeling fairly normal by now. But the rupturing of a cyst can cause infection. And of course surgery is also a risk factor for infection. It may be good to check in with your doctor. Keep us posted on how you are doing.
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Ummm I had laparoscopic surgery to remove endometriosis and lysis of adhesions and a cystoscopy on the 11th. Today I was in a car while it rear ended another vehicle. Only doing about ten miles an hour but enough to put me into the seatbelt and hurt like a 2x4 to the stomach. I had a little bloody discharge about a half hour later but nothing now nearly 3 hours later. It still hurts like I got punched but I imagine that would be normal after something like that, right?
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It would be good to call your doctor to see if you need to be checked out.
I have been reading problems from surgery for ovarian cysts and tubs removed as well as a ovarie. I am about 7 weeks post surgery. My tummy still swollen with gas  .. I am an active 65 yr old women.  I do not look my age. This is so depressing to me because no one will answer how long swollen stomach last. It is abnormal looking. Please someone give me answers !!  I have taken ginger. And also charcoal tablets.  Also taken prescription Med for gas and blotting. Nothing is making stomach go flat like it was.  Please help me. Dr is going to take more test but I am loosing hope. The dr that operated on me said live with it. I can't and won't. Someone answer this. I see lots of questions.  Not many answers. Thank u   Janice.  
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Hi Kimmery.

By now you had your op long ago, I had a dermoid and a HUGE cyst removed in 2010 with open surgery not sure what they call it.  Since then have had a laparoscopy removal of another huge cyst. and will be going in for another next week.  Just want to know how your recovery was after removal of the dermoid?
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Hi I'm new here and my doctor want to do a laparoscopy to see why i have been in pain on my left side and why i started bleeding when i am in menopause.
I have a lot of anxieties about this for i have a high heart rate due to anxieties and high blood pressure at times
I am nervous because the ER said i had a cystic ovarian neoplasm that they want watched
Am i doing the right thing if I do this laparoscopy or am i doing the wrong thing
smalllamb - How big is the cyst and how was it described on the ultrasound? Ovarian cysts are actually much more common in post-menopausal women than most people realize. It is explained here - http://www.ovaryresearch.com/ovarian_cysts.htm.

As far as the bleeding, post-meno bleeding is actually more common than most people realize too. Since the ovaries continue to produce hormones our whole lives, bleeding is a possibility and is more apt to occur in the first 5 years or so of menopause. Of course, any post-meno bleeding needs to be investigated but oftentimes they don't find anything wrong and it is chalked up to sporadic ovarian activity. Ovarian cysts can alter hormones and cause bleeding.

Is there some reason your gyn won't do an in-office endometrial biopsy? That is usually the first step to investigate post-meno bleeding. Did the u/s report say how thick your lining is?

Of course, depending on the size and characteristics of the cyst, surgical removal may be warranted. But you don't want to undergo surgery unnecessarily and you certainly don't want to lose the ovary or any other organs as that does more harm than good (provided all is benign).

My organs were unnecessarily removed after I developed a large cyst and my gyn used ovarian cancer scare tactics. He removed everything even though he waited for the frozen section which was benign. Unfortunately, women lose an ovary and sometimes other organs for benign ovarian cysts when all that should be removed is the cyst (cystectomy).
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Wow, thanks for that advice, I am 4 days post op and still feel miserable!!!!! I am having pain, dizziness,weakness (extreme) and nausea. I had a laparoscopy with removal of endometriosis...The doctor certainly did not prepare me for how terrible and in pain I would be!!!!!
I have been sleeping for 4 days and feel like I could sleep for 100 years!!!!
When will my weakness and tiredness subside?
I was given 10 oxycocet tabs that helped with pain but now of course they are gone and i am resorting to Tylenol and Taradol.(which I take for period pain)
How can I speed up my recovery!?
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