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How long is recovery from Laparoscopic surgery?

WOW!.....I've read all the posts up to 'last year' then I realized that it might just be easier to 'ask this' then to search for it....i'm one of those gals that 'wants to know NOW', sorry.  
My surgery is an 'outpatient' one at a local hospital, they said i'd be home by late afternoon at the latest (providing there's no 'issues') but i'd be 'out of pocket/recovering' for at least 3-4 days....NOT WEEKS....are they wrong with that diagnosis?  I really need to know, i'm the only one that works here in my office (it's a company that has two venues) and I do 'everything' and there's NO replacement or stand in.  I'm not even sure how my boss is going to handle this news, but HEY, it's my health and it comes first!  Please advise ASAP!
P.S. I really liked the idea of 'pre-making & freezing' meals, this way I don't have to rely on hubby for that.  As for the 'constriction' after surger....been there done that with my hip surgeries and there's no way I want to go through that 'feeling & situation' again....YUKKO, I think i'll research the bran muffins and 'fiber' supplements this week.  You ladies are great, i'm so happy I found this site!!
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Have you checked the post "10 things I learned from my laparoscopy"?  It's fairly close to the top.. really cute,informative and funny.. sounds like you may have seen it already. A gal on the cyst forum started it last year.. It has gotten very long, but we don't want shorten it since there is such a wealth of information on there .

I think so much is an individual thing.. I also think a lot depends on one's general health before the procedure, and the "mental" outlook. We have a very good friend who is a surgeon(thoracic)  who told us years ago that it's common knowledge in the medical community that one heals  quicker and easier if their "mental" state is postive .. Of course, that's not always possible especially when dealing with major surgeries. But I know that for myself I was told it was a piece of cake from the ladies on this board (actually they didn't have a ovcy board then.. it was combined with ovca) so I went in thinking it was a piece of cake, that's what my expectations were and I think it helped my recovery.

Please keep us posted on your outcome !
Good luck,
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I had a laparoscopy on Feb. 12 to remove a 7.5 cm simple cyst on my right ovary. The ovary and fallopian tube were also removed. I had to stay in the hospital overnight as my heart rate was elevated post-surgery and they wanted to monitor me. I kept insisting it was "just nerves" as I get very anxious re. medical procedures, but they wouldn't hear of it; they were cautious. They even did bloodwork twice to see if I was having a heart attack - talk about unnerving! Next day, my heart rate was back to normal and I went home that afternoon. Anyway, I went back to work (I'm a schoolteacher) on the 24th, and I felt that the twelve days of recovery was perfect. That first week of work, I still felt a little soreness around my right incision and some internally, but not enough to be too distracting. After that time, I felt completely normal. I think it must vary with the individual - 3-4 days of at-home recovery seems awfully short, though. Give yourself whatever time you need. Good luck to you!
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I had laparoscopic surgery on January 27th.  It was 4 small incisions to remove a softball sized cyst.  It was outpatient as well.  Dr. told me as well I could go back to work in 2-3 days...but I'm glad I took more.  I actually went back to work on February 9th (just short of 2 weeks).  After 1 week I felt pretty good, but insides still felt pretty sore and found I got really tired.  Even my first week back at work I was exhausted by about 2 pm.  I would take up to 2 weeks if you are able.  Mine was pretty "uneventful" surgery, but even though on the outside everything looks so minor....you will certainly know that more went on on the inside.  Take the time you need or at least as much as you can.  Good luck!
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Morning ladies, thanks to all of you for posting your suggestions/experiences.  I too am a firm believer that everyone is different especially when it comes to medical situations.  I have decided to tell my boss that I definitely need off the remainder of that week (that'll give me 5 days after the surgery) and then i'm going to propose a limited 'hours per day' for the first couple days of the following week, DEPENDING on how I feel.  THEN depending on how I feel and how tired I get (working limited hours for those first few days), i'll go from there....either more limited hours or plain & simple 'days off' til i'm completely healed.  I love my job and I know how dependant he is on me but Truth Be Told my health does come first!!  I'm into doing crafts & my fellow crafters recommend that I 'plan a craft from start to finish' OR finish one i've already started to help me relax....they may be right ; ), crafting has always relaxed me and it isn't something that takes alot of 'moving & lifting' HMMMMMMMM
L_B_D  I had a dream last night that I had some kind of 'complications' and they kept me over because of my blood pressure.....didn't like that dream at all....just as they were letting me go (to go home-in the dream) the Dr came in to bear bad news that it was cancer UGH!!!!  I think i'll watch 'sappy' movies or comedy shows before going to bed from now on....I made the mistake of watching a nasty movie that had a bad ending & it was also very sad.
Thanks again girls, I hope to hear more from all of you....post those suggestions please especially the 'food ones' LOL  I'm going to start making a list of things 'to do' and 'eat' while i'm laid up so 'bring it on' : D
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Hi ladies, i've had my surgery and i'm back to work (4th day) but i've been working limited hours each day and it's working for me & my boss ; ).  I just posted a really long message on my other 'watched threads' on what i've learned & how things went....don't want to type all that again so if you're interested in hearing my story and seeing & learning some good tips, please go to the thread titled:
10 things to know about laparoscopic surgery.
  It's a very long thread but there's SOOOO MUCH good stuff there, especially if you have to or are scheduled to have surgery some time soon!
Just a quick note, surgery went well and I was home by early afternoon (12:30)....staying overnight was not a good thought for me and my stats were fine.
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Sorry ladies I mis-spoke on the name of that thread....it's proper title is
The top 10 things I learned from having laparoscopic surgery to remove a cyst/ovary
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