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How long is recovery from Laparoscopic surgery?

WOW!.....I've read all the posts up to 'last year' then I realized that it might just be easier to 'ask this' then to search for it....i'm one of those gals that 'wants to know NOW', sorry.  
My surgery is an 'outpatient' one at a local hospital, they said i'd be home by late afternoon at the latest (providing there's no 'issues') but i'd be 'out of pocket/recovering' for at least 3-4 days....NOT WEEKS....are they wrong with that diagnosis?  I really need to know, i'm the only one that works here in my office (it's a company that has two venues) and I do 'everything' and there's NO replacement or stand in.  I'm not even sure how my boss is going to handle this news, but HEY, it's my health and it comes first!  Please advise ASAP!
P.S. I really liked the idea of 'pre-making & freezing' meals, this way I don't have to rely on hubby for that.  As for the 'constriction' after surger....been there done that with my hip surgeries and there's no way I want to go through that 'feeling & situation' again....YUKKO, I think i'll research the bran muffins and 'fiber' supplements this week.  You ladies are great, i'm so happy I found this site!!
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DARN....I hope I get it right this time!
Top 10 things I have learned from Laparoscopic cyst/ovary removal
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I'm getting a surgery tomorrow. And this is my first time to undergo a surgery. they will do a laproscopic to get rid of the cyst and endometriosis and on top of that they will do DNC and put blue dye to check if my fallopian tubes are open. I told them i want to get pregnant that's why they are checking my tubes too to make sure they're open.  now my question is, does someone here would happen to know how long the recovery time?  thanks in advance.
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Give yourself 2 solid weeks of rest if you want to really give your body a chance to heal properly.  The third and fourth week, keep a low slow agenda or you'll regret it in the years to come.  It takes a good 2 -3 months to heal internally, so don't stress your body out during that time.

Let it heal, go slow, be gentle, eat easily digestible healthy food, take good quality vitamins, especially B's, Omega 3 oils (Olive Oil, NOT flax if you have endometriosis), D3, Magnesium is very important for women with endo, Purezyme is great for post surgery healing and help endo, Natural Progestelle has a great success rate of healing endo, and Bromelain (500-2,000 mg) reduces scar adhesions from forming AFTER surgery, DON'T take it before surgery, it might cause bleeding.  Excellent afterwards.  Also, to help dissolve scarring, put a cloth with a good dose of castor oil on it and place it over your waist. Wrap it with saran wrap and place a heating pad on for 30 -60 + minutes.  Castor oil softens scars and dissolves scar tissue in the body.  

I had severe case of endo, adhesions everywhere, but my doctor (who is one of the leading experts in the world in Boston) said they were all dissolving by the time (1 month later) he cut me open. I had a month to spend with experts and holistic practioners to find cures so I never have to go through surgery again.  Found out cures are out there!  Pregnancy heals endo because of the progesterone it releases.  But don't use any progesterone, use natural progestelle, and when you do, it's important to cut out ALL xenoestrogens before using.

Xenoestrogens are estrogen mimicing chemicals in our foods, laundry detergent, deodorants, shampoos, plastics (esp. heating food in plastic...DON'T!) Endometriosis is caused by too much estrogen in your diet and enviroment.  If you're not aware of it and don't make lifestyle changes, you'll probably get it again as it is the disease of the 21st century that 1 in 20 women have, most unknowingly.  There is WAY too much estrogen in our world that is sterilizing us women!

Let me know if you want more info, I'm thinking of starting a blog site with all the knowledge I've learned this last few months to help other women and sell them the right Progesterone, as I was buying the wrong one and making my condition worse.

My email is: ***@****.  If there are enough women who want info, I'll find the time and figure out how to set up a blog. Also, I've learned alot about cysts too, since 3 years ago I had several and was supposed to lose both ovaries.  But I didn't let them operate and found info that made my 2-3" cysts disappear.

Keep the faith!
Been there...ain't going back!
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Hello: I had laparoscopic surgery to remove a cyst on my right ovary that was the size of a softball on April 9th 2010.  I returned back to work on April 15,2010. I have a desk job so I am not doing a lot of moving around.  I feel pretty good but I do recommend very light work and no fast moving. Do not do a lot of bending and DONT lift anything. I am driving with no problems. The hardest part is getting into my jeep but once in I am good. I would advise anyone having this surgery to give urself 2 to 3 weeks to fully heal inside and outside.  Also eat light and healthy. Heavy, greasy food will play with u in the worst way.  Also drink plenty of liquids. Oh one more thing make sure u have GAS X PILLS. The gas after surgery will make u feel like u r dying. The pain was in my neck and shoulders. Hot tea also helped a geat deal.  Good luck.
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Had my surgery on April 27 2010. I had four excisions. May 1 still real sore on the inside at the bottom. My doctor told me I should fully recover in 2wks.
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i wanna conceive & doctor suggested laparascopy.. will it be successful?
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