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How long is recovery from Laparoscopic surgery?

WOW!.....I've read all the posts up to 'last year' then I realized that it might just be easier to 'ask this' then to search for it....i'm one of those gals that 'wants to know NOW', sorry.  
My surgery is an 'outpatient' one at a local hospital, they said i'd be home by late afternoon at the latest (providing there's no 'issues') but i'd be 'out of pocket/recovering' for at least 3-4 days....NOT WEEKS....are they wrong with that diagnosis?  I really need to know, i'm the only one that works here in my office (it's a company that has two venues) and I do 'everything' and there's NO replacement or stand in.  I'm not even sure how my boss is going to handle this news, but HEY, it's my health and it comes first!  Please advise ASAP!
P.S. I really liked the idea of 'pre-making & freezing' meals, this way I don't have to rely on hubby for that.  As for the 'constriction' after surger....been there done that with my hip surgeries and there's no way I want to go through that 'feeling & situation' again....YUKKO, I think i'll research the bran muffins and 'fiber' supplements this week.  You ladies are great, i'm so happy I found this site!!
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I just had laproscopic surgery on Tues June 7th (it is Sat).  They removed the right ovary, a 7mm cyst and the tube, drained another cyst on my left ovary.  I am having uncomfortable pain in the lower right side inside and was wondering if this is normal? It just started today.  The doctors didn't mention much about recovery pains and I am a little scared.

I did have the severe pain in the shoulder and chest from the gas about 24 hours in, it was the worst I have ever felt.  The heating pad recommended by the nurse helped ease it greatly. As did hot tea.

Thanks so much for you help!!

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Just had surgery on June 2, 2011, had both ovaries removed.  This is day 11 and I'm feeling pretty good.  I have 3 small incisions, the  largest on my belly.  The pain on a scale of 1-10 is a 2.  If I do too much around the house I will have lower abdominal pains.  My doctors appointment was this past Thursday, after going down the 2 flighs of stairs and  walking more than 10 minutes I was sore and tired, but just felt good to get out of the house.  My doctor  will not release me for another 5 wks and I don't know how I'm going to make it.  She said the internal healing takes the longest, just make sure no to lift much within the first two weeks.  I hope this was helpful


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Don't judge yourself on what happened to others.  I had a laparatomy/salpingectomy (full open surgery, ectopic pregnancy, partial removal of ovary and fallopian tube).  The first day post surgery, I was rousted out of bed by the nursing staff and was on my feet, admittedly woozy at first.  I was walking a bit every day and released four days post surgery.  

I was on probation at work being a recent hire.  Within two weeks I forced myself to go back.  Fortunately I was able to sit and was covered by co-workers.  Your bosses wife may have had an easier time than you did because her surgery wasn't as complex.  Everyone is different in how they tolerate pain.  You've been through a major trauma and I hope that you are doing much better by now.  
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Phew! my lap surgery finally happened on 6/13 and yes!!!...please listen to your body. They removed 3 ovarian cysts, endo and fibroids. They also told me I would be fine 3-5days, however I am still sore...recovering in the right direction but I am still not quite there yet. I had an awful experience when the nurse was trying to get my veins so they can run the iv and sedation process...it took 2hrs ( a total of 3 nurses and 2 anaestheologists) to finally get a vein after attempting shots on both arms and feet(auch!! this hurt so bad) :-( After the lap I could not pee and so I had a catheter for approx 24hr...was burning when peeing thereafter for a couple of days and had to go back to the hsp...tested and they said I had UTI.  Well, in a nutshell I did not have exactly what I would call a smooth transition, however, all is behind me now and I am living one day at a time and taking it easy...getting as much rest as I can. Walking around helps but sitting for long hrs is still a little bit of a strain.  By the look of things I will be back to work on 7/5/11 so please if you need more time, work with your doctor to get all the time you need before returning back to work.
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....wish you all the best in your recovery. This forum has been very helpful in preparing me for the procedure and I sure hope I was able to help someone too and to know that you are not alone. The key is rest, rest, rest and return to work when your body is ready :-) Take care!!
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Had my laparoscopy (single incision) to remove a 12 cm endometrioma this past wed 6/22. Today marks my 5th day of recovery and I'm finally feeling close to normal. I was in pretty bad shape (not mobile, in pain and nauseous) until just 2 days ago and then yesterday found myself feeling a lot better and actually able to get out of bed without wincing in pain.

Had I pushed myself I think I could have gone into work today (Monday) but am really glad I didn't as each full day of rest is making my body that much stronger and closer to normal. My recommendation is to do EVERYTHING exactly as instructed prior to the surgery (and yes that includes the horrific self enema). I quit smoking and drinking prior to the surgery so my body would be healthier and made sure to stop eating greasy foods.

Post-surgery I asked to stay a night at the hospital b/c of severe nausea and am glad that I did b/c I was watched throughout the night by capable nurses instead of panicking about every pain while at home. Pain and nausea were bad post-surgery but as others note, the gas was the worst but once it passed (literally) I was a lot more comfortable. Once I got home I slept a lot and laid in bed for 3 full days. Had no constipation thanks to the pre-surgery enema, healthy post-surgery diet and consumption of prunes. gasx also helped with remnant gas.

I still feel weak and tire easily but most of the pain has subsided to the point where I no longer need pain medication and I think by day 7 I will feel good enough to go into the office for at least half day. I plan to be kind to my body and not return to normal activity by at least another week or so.
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