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How serious could a simple cyst turn out to be?

I have had kidney stones for 30 years. At my last checkup, they said there was a large cyst on my ovary and I should see the gyno. For the kidney stones I had to get a CT. Between that and the transvag ultrasound, it is a 10 cm simple cyst. I have not had a lot of pain, but after 30 years of stones I am also used to low level discomfort, bloating, etc. Now that I know it is there, I feel it, but about a 3 to 5 on the pain scale.

After reading a lot on here, I am coming to realize there may be a lot more to be found once they get in there. My gyno first mentioned it was too large to do laparoscopic, and would need an open incision. Then start ed talking about robotic lapro cyst removal was an option. Robotic seems to be the direction, but I have to see a different doctor.

I am wondering if there could be a lot more going on internally than my pain is indicating? And given how large it is, what is the risk it would end up being opened up? I am lucky to have short term disability for work, but only 3 weeks. And I live alone, with no family near to help. (My father is in treatment for prostate cancer, my brother in law is on 1 year disability for a severe staph infection and sepsis, so my mom and sister are not available to come to town.)

I have read all the advice on the lapro cystoscopy, and my friend will help me with that. But I am worried and would like to plan as much as possible if there is a high risk it will be much more complicated.

Thanks for all the good advice, and especially those who have reported with so much humor!  I feel lucky I haven't had as serious of issues as so many, but I am looking forward to all the gas pains, stitch itching and difficulty getting up and bending over. Work has been unpleasant lately, so this uus the extreme I will go to for a break!
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Most simple cysts go away on their own. But yours being 10cm, that's likely not going to happen plus there is the risk of ovarian torsion. But since it's simple, can they just drain it? I've heard of that being done.

Gynecologic surgeries are oftentimes done unnecessarily. And far too many women lose an ovary, ovaries or all their sex organs when it's unwarranted. This is even done for ovarian cysts that can be removed via cystectomy leaving the ovary and its lifelong health promoting hormones intact.  
Thanks for your response. I have already learned so much already from this site, the best advice being to defend my organs as much as safe.
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Any ovarian cyst greater than 7 cm is considered large and warrants MRI and/or surgical consultation.

Source: https://pubs.rsna.org/doi/10.1148/radiol.10100213
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