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I'm scared - ovarian cyst?

I am booked in for a cystectomy at the end of September. I have been struggling with pain in my abdomen, my thighs lower back and I am constantly feeling tired and run down.

I just turned 24 - i feel 84!

My cyst has gone from 3.3cm to 6.8cm in a little over a month :(

My gynae consulatant has taken blood tests for CA125 and HCG - i have no idea how long it will take for the results to come back.

Very little has been explained to me, and once he'd mentioned tests for cancer i kinda couldnt absorb any other information he gave me :( I had to attend my appointments alone.

I'm scared - looking for some advice and a friendly ear of people who have been in the same position as I have.

Many thanks for taking the time to read this message

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Hi there.  Please remember that over 95% of all cysts are benign and that is even higher in someone your age.  Did they give you an idea of what kind of cyst it is?  The CA125 test is not a reliable test in pre-menopausal women as it can be positive due to the cyst, endometriosis or even an infection.  It will only take a few days for a result.  Do take a look at the health pages (top right) for some more information once you know you kind of cyst.  Please update us over on the ovarian cyst forum.  We hope and pray you won't have any need of the ovarian cancer forum.  
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The type of cyst i'm sure the gynae did say - my head was abit of a mess :(

he said its the size of a tennis ball and its unlikely to go away so they will operate by laparoscopy - possible open surgery if its needed.

I have my pre operative assesment on the 3rd september, so hopefully i'll know more then.

My periods have been very strange too, 3rd of june and 20 july were my last two , havent had one in august or may.

i have no faily for supprt - hence me turning to an internet forum for help
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I am 46 but also have been diagnosed with a cyst on my left ovary which is 3cms. I also have a fibroid which causes me no problems at all.  (yet..)  I know how stressful this all can be.  It really helps to talk to people and this forum has been absolutely wonderful for me.  I did have a ca-125 and it was elevated, but they think it's because of the fibroid and the cyst which they think is an endrometroima.  (ugh... I sure am learning a lot.)  It hasn't gotten any bigger... if fact it has shrunk.  Going to a second opinion in two weeks.  If you need anyone to talk to please leave me a note.  If you live in my area, I'd be happy to hold your hand.... it really helps.  

Good luck to you and please let us know if you need anything.

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I agree 100% with the above ladies... Please try not to worry.. That isn't easy I know when you are facing the waiting , and waiting.. It's very , very unusual (not impossible ) for it to be Ovarian Cancer at your age. So try not to worry unless you really have to. So many things can throw those numbers off on a CA-125 and the results shouldn't take too long to come back... There are lots of ladies here , and I'm sure you will hear from some of them ,that have had the cysts grow in a relatively short period of time. If you have the laparoscopy, it is really not that bad.. It was on an outpatient basis for me,but my cyst was quite small.. 3 small incisions and I was feeling fine in a day or so although they like you to not drive or lift anything for 2 weeks.. Please let us know how your pre surgery appt. goes, and as I said, please try not to worry..

Take care,
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Thanks everyone :)

I have been delving in to my family history with cancer - both of my grandparents had breast cancer - my half sister had ovarian camver and cervical caner before she was 30 :(

A cousin had breast cancer and hodgkins in her 20s.


still the pessimistic fall - i'm going to be optimistis and get through this!
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... i agree with the above responses and on top of that i applaud your efforts to pursue this instead of sweep it away ... i also know how difficult it is to ask questions of a family that is "distant" ... i pray u the best of outcomes
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Thank you - i'm quite a  persistant character - it wont go away and neither will the pain unless i make it - well make a surgeon do it!

Its been hard finding out the fmaily history but i'm half glad i did. At least i'm armed with facts :)
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Being armed with family history is a good thing, knowledge is power, it will make sure that your doctors stay on top of things, and doesn't necessarily mean bad news for you. Think of all the other family members who did NOT have cancer. I know what you mean when you heard about the  Ca125 test, I didn't hear a word the doctor said after the phrase " a test for ovarian cancer", the rest was blah,blah,blah. To this day, I have no idea what they said to me. BUT the tests came back quickly, and the rest was all good, as everyone else has told you is most often the case. Your energy level will return when you get this dealt with, and hopefully before you know it you will feel 24 again! In the meantime, read as much as you can, stay calm and think positive thoughts.
We are all here for you!
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