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Irregular complex cyst, could it be malignant?

I had a private scan last week. They found my right ovary to be enlarged, which contains an irregular complex cyst. Its 6cm.

Please could someone tell me honestly, if theres a high chance if it could be cancer? Any info would be highly appreciated. Many thanks inadvanced.

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VERY FEW ovarian cysts, including complex ones, are cancerous. Per U.S. government stats, a woman's lifetime risk of ovarian cancer is less than 2% (1.3% to be exact). Cysts are common and usually resolve on their own in 3 months or so. Imaging is not exact so although it may appear complex, it may be some other type of cyst.

Unfortunately, FAR too many women lose an ovary(ies) for benign ovarian cysts. If future imaging shows that the cyst is growing, a  good surgeon should be able to remove just the cyst preserving the ovary or enough of it for hormone production. This is discussed here- http://ovaryresearch.com/ovarian_cysts.htm. There's a lot of other good info on this ovaryresearch site.

The ovaries are essential to good health our whole lives. After menopause, they continue producing hormones with increasing levels of testosterone (T) that reach reproductive levels in a woman's 70's and remain stable thereafter. Some of this T is converted into estrogen as needed by the body. Removal of one ovary (or the uterus or tubes) can permanently disrupt the endocrine system increasing risk for many health problems.

My gynecologist was dishonest when I developed a complex cyst and he removed all my parts (uterus, both ovaries and tubes) even though the frozen section done while I was in the operating room was benign. The vital functions of the ovaries and uterus became apparent very quickly! It's been 11 years since my surgery and I wish I knew just a smidgen of what I know now.

Best of luck to you and please post back as you get more info.
Thank you so much for taking your time to answer. And sorry for such a delayed response!!

I do know that ive got my young age on my side, but i cant help thinking that it could be cancer.

Im sorry to hear that you had to go through all that. Has it caused to problems since? I do hope not.

What worries me is its irregular shape :-/
Yes, the removal of my ovaries has caused many problems and they were apparent very quickly (within months of surgery). The rapid aging has been hard to accept but it doesn't end there. Removal of even one ovary can cause similar symptoms because it can cause the remaining ovary to malfunction.

Any more news on your cyst?
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