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Kidney Stones, Ovarian Cyst, Bladder infection

History, I have a huge medical history. I have been sick my whole life. Had pnuemonia when I was 5, ear infections every month, flus, colds, hives, etc. 6 months ago I got a cyst on my ovaries, it was at 2.5 the doctor said. Then about a month later I got pregnant. While I was pregnant I had kidney stones and a kidney infection. I ended up having a miscarriage at 8 weeks, and that was 2 weeks ago today. I went to the hospital last night with horrible kidney pain that went through to my abdomen and they did a CT scan and said I had kidney stones, a bladder infection and that the cyst on my ovaries from 4 months ago had grown to about 3.2. What is causing this? And what should I do about it? Are any of these things related? Should I worry about the cyst? I am constantly in pain and its becoming such a burden.
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I am so sorry to hear about everything that has happened to you, especially recently. Any one of these things alone is alot to deal with. I am certainly not qualified to give you any medical advice, but I do have experience in the cyst department which I can share with you.... I do know that in my case hormone levels played a big part in my cyst growth, in my first trimester I had cysts that grew fast and large so that I could hardly walk. When the hormones settled down, so did the cysts. With all the hormone fluctuations you have had recently, that could possibly play a part. It would be a good idea to go see your obgyn regarding the cyst and find out what exactly you are dealing with. Maybe even a gyno/urologist if you can find one to deal with both? Go to the health pages here and read Cysts 101 for some basic info that may help, and also read through some posts to see what you can learn from the experience of others here. I hope you feel better soon.
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