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Laparascopy or not?

Hi, I have just been diagnosed with an ovarian cyst.  It is 5.5cm in diameter, and my gyno is organising for me to have this surgically removed.  I have read all the surgery risks etc, and have a few questions.
I play alot of sport, and am wondering if this will affect my long term fitness or health, (eg. will I ever be able to really push myself, do a marathon, do sit ups again after surgery??)  Also, what does everyone think about the decision whether or not to have surgery?  Do the risks outweigh the benefits?
I have no symptoms at all now, except for some pain during intercourse and feeling nauseas most days.
I fainted in a cafe full of people while reading through the surgery procedure, so am very nervous!!
Please help ??
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I'm having surgery to have a 5.5cm complex cyst and ovary removed.  My procedure is scheduled for June 29.  

Previously I had an ectopic pregnancy at age 29 which entailed full abdominal surgery.  I've worked in a physical trade for over 25 years.  In addition, I belong to a health club and experienced no difficulty working out with weights, sit ups, and aerobics since having the full open surgery (laparatomy).  

You'll be able to push yourself in time.  When I had the laparatomy, part of my ovary was removed along with a fallopian tube.  I was completely healed in about 8 weeks.  I feel bad for you that you're so frightened about the surgery that you actually fainted.  

Hopefully you'll be able to have a laproscopy for your cyst, a minimally invasive procedure.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I'll be able to have this procedure to remove my cyst and ovary.  

Try to picture yourself a year from now:  no nausea, pain free, running along the beach with the wind in your hair.  
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Thanks for the reply!
That makes me feel alot better.  I hope your op goes well too!
I'm glad I found this forum.
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