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Laparoscopy & ovarian cyst

Hi all,
3months ago I had laparoscopic surgery to remove a 6cm cyst from my left ovary and endometriosis. I've continued to have pain mid cycle and during my period from my left ovary. I suspected the first month I would have pain/ discomfort, but it's continuing and I'm worried that i may be getting a reoccurring cyst. Before I head off for more internal scans to investigate, I wanted to see if anyone else has been through this and what your experience was like?
My husband and I have tried to start a family for a few years now and this was thought to be the reason why nothing was happening, so naturally I fear it will continue and there still hasn't been any success. I'm over 35, falling pregnant is high on the priority list and this has been an extremely stressful situation.
Any advice is appreciated
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Welcome to the community. Have you considered seeing your doctor for an ultrasound? Even if you do have a cyst, it may resolve on its own which would be better than undergoing surgery since that can cause more problems.

Another possible cause of the pain could be adhesions from surgery or endometriosis.

Best of luck to you in conceiving!
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I have considered returning for more scans. I feel that this many month after surgery I shouldn't be feeling this pain, and need to build up courage to face any possible truths. Thanks for your reply
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I think you're already courageous for asking questions and taking responsibility for your health. I'm sorry that you're going though this. I recently got engaged and my fiancé and I plan on having kids within the next 1-2 years.  

I’m about three weeks into an episode: six appointments, four doctors, countless tests and frustrations. I haven't had a cyst removed yet, but do have a history of endometriosis in my family.

Here's what I've been going through:

I went in to the doctor after having serve pain in my mid back/abdomen for about two weeks. It started small but had progressed to where it was hard to bend over to pick anything up off the ground, sharp pain when I would tilt my chin to my chest, difficulty sitting up in bed, throbbing/cramping pain on my side, pelvic area and mid-back. Sometimes a twisting or pushing feelings.

They did a dipstick pee test which revealed traces of blood. So, they diagnosed me with a kidney stone, gave me Flomax, ibuprofen and nausea medicine and sent me home. Said that I might have already passed a stone or could be passing one soon. I got home and started researching kidney stones.

First, the the doctor was very nonchalant in my diagnosis, stating that it was super common to have kidney stones and to just come back in 7 days if I didn’t feel better. Second, they didn’t give me strainer for my urine. Turns out it’s just a little plastic strainer with a filter inside it and I was able to buy one at a local medical supply store for $7.00. But, if I was in fact in the process of passing a stone it’s important to catch it so they can run tests on it. Lesson learned on that.

I spent the weekend in bed, with a heating pad. Super painful cramping in my mid back area, threw up a few times and just felt exhausted. They pain was also moving to my side, and then my pelvic area. Then would almost explode in my mid back on the right side.

After four days of taking medicine for a kidney stone I made another appointment with my primary care physician. Now my lab results had came back from the first urine test, which revealed no traces of blood. The doctor ordered another urinalysis just to confirm, but was sure that I didn’t have a kidney stone. We also completed my annual PAP to have additional information.

I really had to push that I knew my body and that I was worried, didn’t feel like myself and in extreme pain. The doctor then ordered a CT scan. Just saying that so anyone here doesn’t feel like you’re crazy or too demanding to want to know what’s going on with your body.

The next day I had a CT scan, and the following day my results came back.

Pelvic structures remarkable for 2.7 cm cystic change of the right ovary with free fluid tracking from the right adnexa with posterior cul-de-sac. Finding likely represent rupture of a physiologic right ovarian cyst with fluid tracking into the posterior cul-de-sac. Further evaluation could be accomplished with dedicated pelvic ultrasound. But, again they told me that this was something “common” and not to worry, that I basically just needed to ride it out, but they could give me pain meds.

At this point, I was relieved to have more questions answered and to hopefully be on the track to recovery. But, I still wanted more answers, was in constant pain and worried that I wasn’t feeling “better”.

There’s a history of endometriosis in my family. Generations have had problems with infertility, cysts and have required a laparoscopy to remove the endometriosis. I realize I’m not a doctor, but I felt this possible ruptured cyst need to be addressed so that I could be sure there was nothing more serious going on.

Next step: made an appointment to see a urologist to review my CT scan and to completely rule out a kidney stone. His findings matched: no kidney stone, but suggested that since I was still feeling so much pain to see my OBGYN and to also have a pelvic and abdominal ultrasound. He said it could be something related to my gull bladder or appendix.

Now I had two referrals to have a pelvic ultrasound. At this point I started taking pain meds. But was feeling like the pain was actually getting worse. I could still feel the cramping, twisting and sometimes sharp pain through the meds! I was so close to going to the ER, but I had an appt scheduled with my OBGYN the next morning.

OBGYN doctored listened to my symptoms, did some push tests on my abdomen & pelvic area, reviewed the CT scan results and tested by urine again to rule of an ectopic pregnancy.

She then gave me a referral to have an abdominal, pelvic and transvaginal ultrasound. The first two were typical ultrasounds where they put the goo on your belly and rub the little scanner across your body. But, the last was not fun. They stick a huge rod up your vagina, but it allows them to see what’s exactly going on.

My results should come in on Monday. But, the ultrasound did confirm that I do have cyst on my right ovary, it could be remnants of a ruptured cyst or still live (if that’s the correct term).

Throughout the past couple weeks I now have had a total of 6 appointments. I have been the one to push and for the tests and answers.

Hope this helps. I was so relieved to find this forum, and to just know that I'm not the only one to be going though it.
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Welcome to the community. I am sorry you are going through all this! It sounds like you have finally gotten the workups you need. Hopefully, the cyst will resolve over the next few cycles. Let us know what the ultrasounds show.  
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Well, results came back in. The ob gyn doctor said everything seemed "normal" and that I'll likely never know what actually caused my pain and it causing it to persist.

Seems like my cyst are small in comparison to other posts that I have read (so bear with me if I'm freaking out over nothing). But, here are the results. Thoughts?

complex area right ovary (19x11x11 mm)
left paraovarian cyst (8x7x11 mm)
lt adnexal complex mass (25x21x24 mm)

"Right ovary is visualized and demonstrates a collapsing 19 mm cyst. Left ovary is visualized and demonstrates small follicles. 11 mm left paraovarian cyst is noted. Between the left ovary and the uterus is a 25 mm complex mass. In this region on CT examination was a stool-filled sigmoid colon. And may be related to residual stool within the colon. Solid adnexal mass is also possible therefore a follow-up examination is recommended in approximately 6 weeks to ensure resolution. Imaging in the follicular phase, on days 3-10 of the menstrual cycle is optimal. Alternatively a pelvic MRI could be performed for further evaluation."

So all this because I was constipated? Haha, not funny. But, the results seem to suggest that it could something more serious and they recommend I get an MRI, or am I completely misreading it. Then again, the doctor says everything seems "fine". That's just so hard to accept when my body was is and is in so much pain.

Thank you ladies for your feedback. Reading this forum has been a life saver.
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I would not consider complex cysts / masses to be "normal" but yours are small so they may very well resolve. And some women do feel quite a bit of pain with small cysts. I did not feel any pain until mine was about 9cm. But keep in mind that you have several so that probably makes matters worse as far as the pain plus the pain from a ruptured cyst can linger for quite some time (months). Stool in the colon can certainly exacerbate it all. I hope you get pain relief soon and the next imaging shows that the cysts are shrinking or, better yet, gone!
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