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Laparoscopy Navel Pain

Hi everyone I just had laparoscopic surgery on Nov 1st, and since I was feeling so good today I decided to go walk to the grocery store.  I wish I hadn't done it.  Everything was fine on the way there but on the way back my navel was sore and hurting again.  I'm worried that I hurt it or something, I can't see the incision in there.  Should I be worried about it coming open and bleeding?
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You probably just pulled a little something in there walking or putting groceries in your basket. It's only been 5 days today so I would think this would be considered normal.  I remember having similar pulling and pain when I had my 2 laparoscopies. You have to remember there was not only whatever work done to correct your problem but there was tugging and pulling and moving things around in your tummy all done thru that little incision and the one near your pubic bone so you are going to be sore for a while. As long as your not bleeding or other liquid coming out and your in incision is not red, swollen and your not running a temp I would think your fine. If the pain persists and is not getting better phone your doctor.
Hope you get to feeling better soon!
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Thanks for responding.  I realized today it hurts worse whenever I am carrying something heavy.  I had to take some trash out today.  

I have another concern about my incisions now.  I noticed one of the small incisions on my abdomen still had a small amount of blood coming out.  I only noticed it on the bandage I put over it.  When should they be closed up?
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Yeah it sounds like you may have overdone it. I didn't have any blood though. Make sure it doesn't continue to bleed. I had some clear fluid, a tiny bit come out. The incision part should be healed enough by the time you go to have your post op visit to remove the sutures.
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I looked at that incision today and it's completely dry and the blood is just a scab now.  Sadly this will be my first day going back to work so I have to be careful.
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