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Left ovarian cyst of 8cm laparoscopy or medication which is good.

Patient had conceived on first week of march 2016.It was her first pregnancy. During Pregnancy scan Dr observed a left ovary cyst of size 6.7*6.3 cm.
Later patient saw spotting (brownish fluid) on 3rd april 2016 and then gone through a automatic abortion process for 1 week.

Period start at 4th may 2016. And pelvic scan on 10th may shows increased in left ovary cyst size 8.3*6.5*8.0cms vol 230cc.

Our doctor recommends immediate laparoscopy to remove cyst as size is greater than 6 cms and could lead to complication if we wait any longer. As per the doctor

Medication will not work in this case.

I have attached latest ultrasound scan/report for refrence.

1) Can we go for medication for atleat 2-3 months. If size does not decreases then we can go for laparoscopy.Any complication in this approach.
2) If choosed laparoscopy then what is the side effect on fertility or future pregnancy.
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I cannot advise you. However, the larger a cyst gets, the greater the risk for ovarian torsion which can choke off blood supply to the ovary causing it to die. Since our ovaries are vital our WHOLE LIVES (not just for having babies), it is also important to remove just the cyst (provided it is benign / non-cancerous) and leave as much ovarian tissue as possible (for both fertility and endocrine reasons). This may or may not be harder to do the larger a cyst gets. Cysts can encapsulate the ovary since the ovary is only about the size of an almond so removing a cyst is more like shelling out a pearl (the ovary) from an oyster (the cyst). This site may be helpful to you - http://ovaryresearch.com/ovarian_cysts.htm.

Is your doctor planning to do a cystectomy (cyst removal) so you will still have your ovary or at least most of it? Some surgeons don't have good cystectomy skills so you will want to be sure you have one who does.
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