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Mass had blood inside, now it doesn't

When I had my first ultrasound, I was diagnosed with a left adnexa mass. Possibly a complex corpus luteum or endometrioma. I have since had further ultrasound and have seen a Gyno. The Gyno feels that it is either of these and isn't even 100% sure that it is ovarian. It is at the moment just a 'mass'. My question is, in the first ultrasound, the mass looked to have blood in it, it has black and greyish areas in it and in the last 2 ultrasound it looks like there is no blood in it any more, it is black with an almost solid white area in it.  Has anyone else has this?
Thank you. :)
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I can't comment on the blood, but I will say that the U/S tech, my PCP, and the gyn/onc surgeon all knew I had a mass but none were certain it was ovarian until my surgery.  It did originate from my left ovary but they just couldn't tell until they were in there.
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It does get confusing when you have more than one ultrasound and they are all different.  I too am told that I may have blood in my cyst, but they are not certain.  What is the size of your cyst?  I am not sure what is going on with your cyst.  Sometimes it is hard to tell when exactly a cyst is coming from until they get in and see what is going on.  What do they plan on doing for you?  Is it causing you pain?  Is it possible for you to get your ultrasound films and reports and seek a second opinion (even if you want to stay with your original GYN, a second opinion never hurts) to see if they see or think the same thing.  Maybe he/she will see something that your doctor may not see or missed.  Please keep us posted on how you are doing.  
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Hi. The last ultrasound I had 2 weeks ago, the mass was 6.18 x 4.28 cm and still complex. It had grown 2 cm in 2 weeks! I am booked for surgery on the 14th of July. The plan is to do a laparoscopy to see exactly what is going on, if it is not ovarian and related to the bowel, then they will stop there and I will have to see another doctor. If it is ovarian, I will be having a vertical laparotomy (the doctor says this is better as it allows better access and faster and better healing, also if the mass is to be removed I can't have it removed by laparoscopy as I have to much scar tissue from previous surgery's) The mass will be tested during surgery and depending of the results and/or where the mass if or attached too, I may have the left ovary and fallopian tube removed as well. Yes, I have constant pain that gets worse everyday. Pelvic, lower back, lower abdo, pain down the legs, cramping (intense labour like), nausea bowel pain, bladder pain, trouble starting urine flow, kidney pain (so bad I thought I had kidney stones) headaches, general fatigue and weakness, my hands and right ankle sometimes swell. I think the worst is the lower back pain, it is deep in the tail bone and there all the time. It literally feels like someone has hit it with a sledge hammer, but when I get stabbing pains in the lower abdo they are definitely a 25 on a 1-10 pain scale LOL but they come and go, always unexpectedly and the pain drops me to my knees. I was in the hospital a few days ago with stabbing left side chest pain. All tests came back fine but do have to follow up with a cardiologist and have an ECHO. Not sure if the chest pain is related to the pelvic mass but I would say so. I think my body is just worn out from being in pain for so long and taking strong pain meds for ages too. Also, I was put on the depo provera shot and had my first one 2 weeks ago.
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