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Meaning of septated cyst

I'm 24 y/o with bilateral ovarian cysts (not big, only 3cm each) but having a lot of pain & bloating for 2 months now. A scan showed the one of the side where I have my pain has a septation and free fluid in the pelvis. A lot of literature makes these septations sound concerning, but can it be normal? My doctor thinks I have endometriosis as well since I have posterior pain on palpation. He wants to do a laparoscopy (during which I believe he will drain the cysts).

I also have been having low grade temps, 100.1-100.8 daily which a morning temp of 99.5-99.9. He checked my blood and found my monocytes to be twice normal, but no one has put me on any treatment yet. Any ideas?
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It seems like your gyn is taking all the right steps to get to a final diagnosis of your issues. As we are all just regular folks on the boards, we can't really say much more to add to what is already being done. Do you have your laparoscope scheduled yet? I don't know if he will drain the cyst or just remove it, 3 cms. isn't really that big, usually they don't come out until they're 5cm.'s or larger. As he is also doing yours for dx. purposes, while he's in there it's a good time to have them taken care of so you don't have to have it done another time. Have they tried to do the watchful waiting approach for the cysts, at your age it's very common to have cysts that resolve themselves after a few menstrual cycles. The symptoms your experiencing are all common to ovcy's, not to sure what the free fluid means, unless some have already burst and leaked fluid, but you would have felt that as it's pretty painful when that happens.
Have you checked the Heath pages on the upper right side of the cyst forum, it has a link to a lot of information regarding different types of cysts, there' more than one link.
There was recently a post regarding cysts & fever, so I suppose it's possible. I was running low grade fevers for a while and there wasn't anything else wrong with me except the cyst I have that has to come out, and when I took antibiotics it seemed to help with the pain on my left side and my fever went away, but I could have had a bug too.  I suppose if a cyst is leaking any fluid into the body, it would signal the immune system to try to fight off any foreign substance coming from what's inside, especially a dermoid.  My cyst was originally dx's as a simple unilocular cyst, but now my gyn thinks it's something else, as there' a discrepancy between the cat-scan and the tv/us. The only way to find out for sure is for her to go in and get the little sucker out.
Hopefully, your doc will get you scheduled soon and in the meantime, give him a call and find why he thinks your monocytes are elevated and what, if anything, needs to be done about it.
Try posting on the expert forum and see if the doctor there can give you any more ideas.
Please let us know about how you make out,
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The lap is this Friday. I wouldn't even know I had a cyst had I not been in such horrible pain. I can't even have intercourse it hurts so bad. Under normal circumstances, I would not have survery, but I've had cysts before (since age 12) and never hurt like this. The bloating is really uncomfortable too, pants don't fit and I've lost 7 lbs despite not changing my eating habits.
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I'm glad your surgery is scheduled for this Friday, it's just an unfortunate thing that some cysts are more painful and need to be removed. I'm sure you'll feel a lot better once it's done and your recovered. I can empathize with the bloating and pants not fitting, I had trouble getting my jeans on today and I too am not eating enough to have caused this kind of belly bloat. I'm sure with your history of cysts, you knew this was different and needed to come out. Also, you need the lap to know for certain about the endo.
I wish you good luck and a speedy recovery, and let us know how you make out when you get back.
There are a lot of women here who have had a laparoscopy, there is a good and funny post by Painterchic I will try to find and bump up for you to read..
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Good luck with you lap tomorrow.  I hope everything goes well.  Please let us know how you're doing.
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god bless u and good luck on ur lap ... yes please let s know how it went ... i pray he removes the cyst and finds it of a benign variety :)
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I had the lap, and it went really well. He found Stage I Endometriosis and lasered it. He also drained/removed? husband can't remember? one ovarian cyst and one cyst on my fallopian tube.

This was my first operation and I guess when I came out of the anesthesia I was thrashing about, moving my head and eyes rapidly back and forth and shaking in my arms and legs.

The first thing I heard when I came out of it was "opps, think we lost a sock!" by one of the nurses. They said it wasn't a seizure, and more likely to happen after lap procedure than any other.

I'm really glad they found the Endo early and now I can prevent it so we can have children someday and I can live without pain. I'll follow up with the doc in a week. Thanks everyone for your thoughts, I'm so glad I had the surgery.
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who know what it means multiple septated cystic masses in the left hemipelvis, with possible free fluid in the cul de sac
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