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Missed periods, stomach pain

So i've been having missed periods every other month or even more after I had a miscarriage on June last year and now I have been having pain on the left lower side of my stomach when i have to go "tinkle". It goes away right after I am done but I have noticed that it gets kind of stronger everyday. The thing is I don't have a Dr. So if anybody could help and tell me maybe why this is happening would be greatly appreciated. The reason I am asking here is because everybody in my house thinks it's nothing and act like its whatever and blow me off. Can anyone tell me why this is happening? Thanks
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Hi, I just noticed your question. I have been having intermittent periods as well with pain in my ovaries that comes and goes.  I am 47 and had regular heavy periods all my life and few if any gyno problems.  I went to the doctors because after a few regular missed periods I became alarmed and the regularity of missing a period every second month. At first the doctor blew it off too and told me that it was normal to miss periods because I am in the age of per-menopause but I didn't like that answer as these periods are not sporadic, they are every two month which tells me that something else is going on.  I asked for a blood tests.. and they came back with a higher testosterone level than what I had on a previous blood test 1.5 years prior. I also asked for an ultrasound of my uterus and area. This test showed a large fibroid  which I didn't know I had and some small cysts on my ovaries. So then the doctor referred me to a Endocrinologist and a gynecologist and these appointments are up coming. I am glad I insisted that something was wrong.

Always go with your gut feeling.  If it seems abnormal for you, it's worth getting it checked out.  Peri-menopause does cause missed periods for sure but don't be too sure to dismiss everything just because OTHERS are not concerned.  Do your homework. It's YOUR body and you are your own advocate.    Best wishes!!
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