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My story football size ovarian cysts

I have been reading this site religiously for two month after I was diagnose with Ovarian cysts. The Huge football size cysts were found by an Ultrasound scan to look for a missing coil, accidently they found ovarian cysts, and here is my Story( sorry about the bad grammar )

I am a 30 year old female Living in the UK, NO kids a little heavy period due to coil fitted in 1 year ago. Have family history of Ovarian Cysts ( Mom had a cyst few years ago at the age of 54).
In spring this year I went in Egypt with my ex partner, the weather was very hot 35-40degree and I almost lost the will to live (in a nice way). The staff in the holiday resort were very friendly and cheeky, I kept getting people ask me “baby? You have baby?” them pointing at my belly. I ignored that thought it was just them making fun of my pot belly. However my boyfriend at the time were very worried about me being pregnant, so we went back to our room and he started exam my coil, he couldn’t found the coil I assured him that I am not pregnant and promise him will investigate on this when get back to UK.
Back to UK Went to the ultra sound, they found the missing coil were in place however they also found a complex mass ( size of American football) extend from the pelvis up to the umbilicus and it consist  of serval components. My right ovary was normal however they cannot found my left ovary. The conclusion was they think it might be Haemorrhagic cysts. (and has been growing for over two years without me knowing). CA125 test was Normal and the doctor said it properly not cancer(95%).the doctor did a measure of my belly and told me if I were pregnant it would be 28 weeks .
It has been 3 loooong month after the discovery of  my cysts, my cysts has grown bigger during this time, I keep getting people asking me when my baby is due, When I go to pubs with friends I keep getting dirty look from people,  they thought I was an pregnant woman on the ****. I can no longer wear high heel shoes (too painful on the legs), forget about the jeans, they just doesn’t fit me, the only thing I can wear at the moment is loss fitting dress and big jumper. The last time i weight myself before the cysts was 60kg, now i weight over 70kg ( very very very sad). I can no longer eat a full meal at night; it just gave me a very nasty heartburn.
I am due to have my operation next Monday, they will do the classic Open surgery, cut me open and remove the cysts +/- 1 ovary. I will be stay in hospital for 3-5 days.

I have one small dog to look after and a full time job that requires me to travel aboard, I wondering how long would it take to recovery from the Operation & fit to travel?

Wish me good luck and I will write the after surgery report in a few days time

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I just went throught the same thing. The cyst i was very large, about the size of a football (the European kind on the american kind) It weighed 14-20 Lbs. (around about a stone)

It is scary, but you will get through it. and than people will stop asking "whens the baby due!" That was my absolute favorite part after surgery, How skinny I was afterwards!

I had surgery on July 19th (about 4 weeks ago)

I was absolutly terrified, a nurse came into my little screened off area with this big blue binder and said "were going to set you IV up" than noticed she had left something and by the time she came back I was in tears. They gave me an adavan, (which really didnt help me) and the hospital staff decided to put in my IV once i was in the operating room.

Theres alot of waiting when going in for surgery (at least here in canada there is!) I sat around for almost 2 hours before i was moved out of the surgical intake room (which was called "day care")

The only thing I really clearly remember now about the whoel surgey event (after they weeled me into the sugery waiting room and I got my "party hat" was sitting around for a few mins while the hospital staff double checked who I was, and what I was allergic too. The actuall operating room is freezing. (Colder than a penguins bum) they asked me to schooch over onto this tiny popcicle of a table and straped my legs to it (it was kind of strange but neat at the same time) and put these wonderfully warm blankets on me. They explained they were going to put my IV in and all I can remember is asking the nurse if I could hold her hand and her giggling that she was going to offer any ways. Than nothing.

Waking up isnt that bad. I had the breif memory of the nurse telling me "I wasn't in the OR I dont know" than being weeled up to my hospital room.

You wont be up to alot right after surgery (seriously i was very thankfull that I had a cathater, I didn't have to get up at all during the first day.) Getting over to the bathroom with become a bit of an adventure. I didn't get any help the first time I pulled my sorry butt out of the hospital bed. If you don't feel comfortable getting up your self ask your nurse to help you, if he/she says no ask if they can get you someone who will. I should have and didn't and regreted it once I actually made it the 8 steps over to the loo, and nearly passed out.

You wil feel ALOT better once you get out of the hospital. On your final day in the hospital make shure you get information on what in the world you do with your incision. My nurse didn't speek good english, and when she gave me my aftercare instructions i thought she was telling me to actually do it than. I had to call the hospital the day after when i realised i had no idea what to do. My incision was coverd only in strips of surgical tape. I dont know what your getting.

If you don't have someone with you at where you live see if a friend or someone is willing to come help you around. I could barely get of my couch for the first week by myself.  

I ended up with a horizontal incision, the only complaint I have now that its over is that my incision is ITCHY, and when my surgon made the incision they cut through nerves and now I cant feel any of the skin about 5 cm abouve my incision (the feeling is going to come back they keep telling me so dont be scared of that!) but I cant feel me actually itching.

Sorry that was so long! I didnt know what else to put than what I experianced. I hope it all goes well for you and you recover quickly!

Feel free to message me if youd like to.
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hi and welcome to our forum you are not alone and you will great support and advice from great ladies on this forum ,you wont be sorry to have your surgery over you and its a stressfull time i had open surgery to remove a dermoid that twisted and my ovary and fallopin tube in march just gone i was in hospital for 3 days but the recovery is a least 6 weeks for me but i got an infection so it took me longer please keep posted any question if i can help i will best of luck i will say a prayer for you x
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hi. Thanks for the reply.

This is the first time ever for me to have a surgery, I am very scared, Please tell me how did you feel when you woke from the surgery? Was it painful?

Thank you
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Hi, thanks for the reply

Did the doctor told you what type of cysts was it? On my Ultrasound report it suggested "endometriotic or hermorrhagic" cyst.  

How are you feeling now? apart from the numbness. Can you lift anything heavy or do any house work like cooking and cleaning?

I am going to the hospital at 7am tomrrow for the surgery.............
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hi i hope you get to read this before you go in , the only advice i would give you is to reach out your hand and ask god to hold it and mind you he will be there for you i will light a candle for you in churh tomorrow i know everything will turn out fine just think in a couple of hours this will be all behind you and you will be able to move on and put this behind you best of luck and let us all know how you get on x
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Mine was a fluid filled cyst, no idea what kind of fluid I never asked. My ulltrasound said mine was only the size of a small grapefruit/base ball, It was so horribly wrong.

I feel almost normal now, I've been cleared by my doctor to go back to dance class next week. I was told no lifing over 5/10 lbs for two weeks (granted Im only 20 so it might be diffrent for you) and nothing involving pushing and pulling (so no hoovering for me!) When i was realeased from the hospital I didn't feel like doing anything like that anyways. But good news is the itching is going away (finally!) and feeling is starting to come back.

Im not one for prayer but happy-healing vibes your way!
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I just a complete hysterectomy 2 weeks ago due to having a 10cm mass that was malignant.  Just to be safe and considering I have already had my children, I decided to take everything out as i am not going through that again and my doctor couldn't tell if my other parts were malignant.  The great news is that everything came back negative from pathology and the mass was a low-possible malignancy.

My question is I have the steri strips and had a horizontal c-section incision.  When do these strips fall off and when will my skin stop itching.  It is driving me crazy.  Also, is anyone's hair falling out?  I am off my pain meds and moving around quite nicely.  I guess I have 4 more weeks to recover.  I go to my doctor for a follow-up on the 26thI so hopefully I will get clearance to drive.


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hi am am sooo sorry to hear that.
good that your ca125 test was normal.... thats alot larger than mine, i had a complex ovarian cyst, endrometrioma... 8 cm over 4 years ago, my c125 test was high i had open surgery.
i remember going in not knowing what was going on and was very scared and worried.. i was only 21 years old then. once they did the induction and i seen all medical staff and surgion i was a bit more at ease i went in to surgery exspecting the might have to take everything, due to complex cyst, and high ca125 test, but they didnt. i had my cyst, left ovary and tube removed and had a vertical mid line cut about 4 inches. this was very painfull and i couldnt deal with looking at it.. due to me being in pain when i woke up they had to get a epidural put in my back so i went in to Intensive care for 3 days, couldnt feel any pain left.
i had some kind of disolvable stitches which you couldnt see on my outside which was better than staples.
i got moved up to normal ward was in hospital for about 7 days, glad to get out.
went to live with my mother again as they said i needed help for first couple of weeks.
it was hard, even putting on your own socks was hard, i had to be carefull i didnt fall, or knockmyself and couldnt lift very much, took me about 1 month before i moved back to my flat on my own and then i still had to take it easy.. took me about 3 months before i could return to work, and i had to reduce my hours and tasks, as i was very busy and always on my feet.
i say take it easy, dont rush your body and its healing, i did once or twice and my scar burst open a little, it put me back..
i had a type of silicon patch i put on my scare to help in smoothing scar after healing.. it was silagel or something like that... it was really good.
now i am back to square one and have had a new ovarian cyst discovered 3 months now, its complex, on my last ovary(not good) i am only 25 and have no children yet. they say its another endrometrioma they think... but havent yet taken another ca125 test ??? i am awaiting a fertilty surgrion date.
i hope everything goes well and i hope your recovery is fast.
if you want to ask any questions please feel free.
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I just went through the same thing as you.
My cyst was 24cm.  I looked pregnant just as you did.  I had no pain, just terrible uncomfortable.  
I am 5 weeks post surgery, and feeling good.
Verticle incision about 4 1/2" long.  I had a complete hysterectomy at the same time.
3 days in the hospital.  
I know you are scared, but this is something that has to be done.  It's not like we have a choice in the matter.
Hospitals and surgery is no fun, but it will be such a relief to have it behind you.
I would say the worst part of the ordeal for me was the gas pains after surgery.
Walk as much as you can, as soon as you can.  The dr. and nurses incourage this.
They have wonderful drugs to help keep you comfortable.  Take them as prescribed.  Don't wait until you really need them.

I have not gotten the lab results yet.  I have a follow up appointment with the doctor this week.  I expect to be released to go back to work at that appointment.
The first 3 week were a little rough, but going into week 4 I really started to feel a lot better.  

I hope you get this taken care of ASAP, and get on the road to a full recovery.

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hi every1 I am back! The surgery was successful went to theatre around 4.30pm and opened my eyes around 6.10pm ish, stayed in hospital for 2 nights and I was discharged at lunch time today.

They took out cysts that is measured 36cm long. YES 36m, alone with my left ovary and tube, The GA was very good, all I can remember was crying on the operation table and told them i am scared of being operated. The doctor inject me with something white like milk, and told me to breath in the oxygen mask, i cannot remember falling asleep.... do remember weakling up, like weaking up from a lazy Sunday afternoon snooze... the first thing I woke up is to look at my belly, supper flat, even with brushes and bandage, and nurse told me that the operation was successful and I didn’t loss much blood. The doctor took out my left ovary, and the other ovary was normal and healthy looking. I was able to talk and read book 1 Hour after the Operation, didn’t feel sick or sleepy, had a sandwich 2 hours after the surgery. Manage to have a word with the busy surgery the day after, he was excited  about how big the cysts was, The hospital will write me the full path report in 2 weeks ( hopefully no cancer), did had a word with one of the doctor, she didn’t think it was cancer). Finger cross

The pain management was also great, wasn’t much pain at all. The funny thing is the area of my incerson  wasn’t painful at all but my stomach and digestion system is very painful due the pain killer they give me.
I tired to get up this morning ( day 3),  almost fall over, cant run.. can’t walk for long, cant defend myself, Can’t do anything, the pain killer they gave me makes me very sleepy, my speech is very slow, my mind is 100% there but my body is only 20% ready, feel like being trapped in a 90 years old body (tears in my eyes now thinking about how the old people in the nursing home) but also glad that everything is over

The whole surgery and hospital experience was not as bad as I thought and the fear before the surgery was the worst part, I am glad that this is all over and looking forward to move on with life now

Thank you for all your support and I will keep every1 updated with my recovery, if any1 has any questions please feel free to ask

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i am delighted this is over you ,i also lost my ovary and tube but do rember you had major surgery so be good to yourself and keep up with the pain meds my gp also gave me sleepers as i couldent sleep every time i turned it hurted ,it always seems worse in our minds then what it turns out to be well i wish you a speedy recovery and best of luck x
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