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Natural Remedies?

Okay, so I am not new to Medhelp or to ovarian cysts, but I am new to this community. I originally joined the OVCA community in 2006 as GlendaS. I got a new email address and had to change it to my current name. I was dx with Immature Teratoma & had a RSO in Oct. 2005. I had a cystectomy (benign) at the end of March 2007. I have had other cysts that have dissolved on their own before. I have been on bc pills since my first period after the RSO, except for 3 months one time when I decided to see if going off of them would help (it didn't seem to).  So I had been feeling like I had a cyst (bloating, pain all the way up into my ribs), but I knew my yearly exam was due soon so I put off going to the dr. for about a month. I finally went and he confirmed that I had a cyst. He said that it's not small, but that I've had larger. I had been busy with school and my diet had not been the greatest. I was drinking caffeine, which I had sworn off previously. I also had taken a sabatical from the gym because I kept having sinus problems and no energy to do any more than student teach all day and come home and take care of my husband & child. I finally finished school & I've gone back to the gym 4-5 days a week & have changed my diet including no caffeine, no red meat, no junk food, & limited sweets-I only eat things like organic granola bars with a little bit of chocolate. I have tried N-Acetyl Cysteine before & couldn't tell if it helped dissolve a cyst before or not. So I'm trying it again along with diet. Is there anything else I can do? I won't know any more about the cyst until my ultrasound June 1st. Are there any other natural remedies that work? According to drs, this cyst has a much higher chance of being benign than malignant, and I really want to avoid another surgery. I also want to try to get pregnant sometime this year (hopefully, after I get a job teaching, I want to plan a baby for next summer if possible). Does anyone know of anything else I can do to get rid of this thing?
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Sorry, I don't know what causes the cysts so I don't know how to avoid them. I thought I was free of female issues once I hit menopause. Only then I developed a cyst that grew to 10 cm and had to have surgery. Talk about annoyed.

Have you posted over on the newer forum called "Complemetary Medicine?" That seems to cover alternative ways to deal with various health problems. I think the folks there are more knowledgeable about nutrition and so on.
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I have started taking regular multi vitamins and more vegetables and fruits in my diet.
It worked for my sister-in-law.

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I am new to this board and to cyst.  I have been doing some research on endometriosis and ovarian cysts (my own, I am not a dr).  I think your diet changes and working out are great ideas.  

You could also try to eliminate dairy and alcohol.  I am reading Christine Northrup's book about women's health and problems with our ovaries can be related to stress in our lives especially - being critical and controlling or being controlled and criticized by others.  It can also point to a lack of a creative outlet in your life.  I think it can take up to 3 months to see results of nutritional changes.  

I am also trying to learn more about evening primrose oil.  

Just some  ideas, would love to hear more!
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