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Need input please!

I originally presented at the ER with horrible abdominal pain on my lower left side that wrapped around my lower back and across my belly.  They gave me a foley catheter and filled my bladder for an ultrasound.  They also did a vaginal ultrasound and a ct scan.  They found a 2.5 cm complex cyst suggestive of a hemorrhagic cyst on my left ovary.  They also diagnosed vaginosis and prescribed flagyl to treat it.  Then sent me home.  I followed up with my gyno who stated that the pain I was experiencing couldn't be caused by the cyst because it was so small.  He stated I had an infection in my uterus and put me on Augmentin.  I was scheduled for another appt. with my gyno in a week to check on me but 5 days after the appt. I was in even worse pain so after a call the to gyno after hours he told me to return to the hospital.  More blood tests and another ultrasound showed that there was ovarian torsion and that the cyst had ruptured and there was a lot of fluid and blood in my abdominal cavity.  The Ultrasound Tech who did the second ultrasound told me they hadn't filled my bladder enough during the first ultrasound and that the pictures had come out bad.  WTF???  I was taken straight to surgery where my gyno removed the ovary and fallopian tube.  He also removed a lot of adhesions from by bowels.  I had some breathing complications and was kept 2 days in the hospital until they were worked out and then i was sent home.  Also from the beginning I had a low white cell blood count and high liver enzymes which the doc told me to follow up with my PCP.  

3 days after surgery I was off the percocets and taking 1 tylenol every 6 hours for the discomfort.  I had my first BM 4 days after surgery and it was horrendous pain.  After that BM I was back on the percocets but they were barely even touching the pain.  6 days after surgery after another call to the gyno I was back at the hospital.  They did another CT scan but didn't see anything that would be causing this kind of pain.  The ER doc called my Gyno and he wanted me to see a surgery consult.  They found nothing.  The Gyno is stating that my gyno parts are fine.  That the ovary they took out looked fine and this is something that has nothing to do with his area of expertise.  If my ovary was fine why did they take it out??????  

They were talking about admitting me for pain management but I instead asked for an increased dose of pain meds since I had an appt. with my PCP the next day.  The appt with the PCP went very well . She took more blood and ordered some tests on my pancreas and also ordered the records from the hospital.  I go back tomorrow for results and a treatment plan.  

I'm very confused, scared and angry right now.  I hurt so bad, have no energy.  I can't live this way.  I can't take care of my family, hell I can barely get out of bed!  Does anyone have any advice or been down a similar road?
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P.S.  I'm 33, Have had 3 laproscopic surgeries for cyst removal.  Had a C-section 12 years ago.  Am healthy.  5'4" 230 lbs.  Though I've lost 5 lbs in one week so now I'm down to 225
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Hi there!!!

Oh I really am feeling for you !!!  

I also went to hospital with lower left abdominal pain which sometimes hurt in my back and sides . Originally they thought it was kidney stones but it wasn't!! I think the fact that I had a kidney infection put them off track!!

I am still in pain and on strong painkillers that don't really work and as you say it's hard just getting out of bed in the morning never mind doing stuff like ironing (sitting down) and even walking a short distance is painful.

I have had x rays ct scans ultrasound scans but yet to have my laparoscopy and cystoscopy. I think its endometriosis but if they open me up and say they have no idea what it is then I will be stuck pretty much like you.

The adhesions they found on your bowel did they say it was endometriosis??? if it was and they didn't get rid of it all then you will still have pain until it is all gone.

I think it is disgusting they removed your ovary and tube for no reason no wonder you are angry as hell!!

Was the surgeon that preformed the operation a specialist surgeon in gynocology or just a general surgeon??

Maybe you should ask for a more experienced surgeon and insist on another laparoscopy if this is the case. More adhesions  may have been missed that were deeper inside you.

Hope you get this sorted you will really have to kick up a fuss everytime you see someone and keep ringing them all the time until they sort it out.

Good luck!!
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Thank you for your well wishes!

Did your US or CT scan show a cyst?  Are you scheduled for the laproscopy?

No they didn't say it was endometriosis.  I was tested for that a good 5 years back and even had an exploratory laproscopic surgery to which they found no endo.  The Gyno didn't know exactly what the adhesions were.  He said they were new as I had my tubes tied and an endometrial ablation a 15 months ago and they weren't there then.  He said they crumbled when they touched them?  He also stated that my uterus and bladder were fused?  That if i get any cysts on my right ovary that they will be doing a full hysterectomy and that it will be difficult and dangerous due to this fusion.  Hopefully my PCP will have the pathology reports when I go tomorrow.  

I am angry as hell.  And confused.  If the ovary was still viable and showed no signs of torsion then why remove it?  After I meet with my PCP tomorrow I am going to make the decision on whether or not to call a lawyer.  

It was my Gyno that did the surgery along with the assistance of one of the hospital gynecologists.  I trust my PCP.  She is very very thorough and a hell of a lot more concerned than the Gyno is.  
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Hi there

Wow !! You have had a lot done!!!

I also had ablation (hydro thermal ) four years agoo due to periods so heavy I couldn't go out that week and it really affected my life.

My first trans vaginal ultrasound showed a burst bleeding cyst on my left ovary.

The second t v scan showed a possible dermoid cyst on my right ovary  and now having a third t v ultrasound on the 17th October to see whats happened with that! (gyno reckons it will be gone and doubts its a dermoid hope he is right)

I have been having pain on my right side for about two months now but it is no where near as bad as the left side pain.

They have booked me for a cystoscopy and laparoscopy to be done on the same day but not had the actual date through yet. Am a bit worried as to what they will find.

There was a lady on here who had an operation that involved operating to remove some kind of endometriosis from her bladder and she had to have a wee bag for a week while the cut in her bladder was healing  so maybe you will have the same sort of thing if you have to have a hysterectomy ?? Maybe you could ask tomorrow?  If I remember the lady's name will private message you the details .

I wish you luck whatever you decide to do lawyer wise .No doubt they will need a copy of the consent form you signed originally prior to the op.

I find everything takes ages to be done and won't be at all surprised if I get a date through for 2012

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Good luck ladies.  My cyst was orginally thought I had kidney stones.  The CT showed otherwise and then the TV US showed specifics.  THe most inportant thing to remember is to make sure you trust the dr. you are working with and that you document what you hear and have done.  It helps if you need a second opinion.

Keep us informed and take care.
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Hi Thanks

My doctor took great pleasure in telling me my cyst couldn't possibly cause all that pain

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It's incredible how much pain these cysts can cause and your dr (who I am assuming is a male cuz like how would he know??) was stupid to tell you that something that small can't hurt that badley.  My Dr explained that's its not always the size, but the bleeding into itself (?) can cause even worse pain.  She said you can't go by the size.
I have a decent pain tolerance (gave bitrh drug free twice) so I do know pain and I am here to tell you-my cysts make me want to cry!  The pain is almost as bad as labor--but more dull and lingers longer!
I wish they would go away!
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