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Not sure what to do

I have spent days looking all over the Web for answers to how i am feeling and here is the only place i have felt "normal"....whatever that is.  I'm not sure where to start or if i'm even in the right place but any input will help.  
Basicly i have had female problems my whole life.  My history is this:
I'm 41 married with 2 kids
dx with endometriosis at age 20
Poly cystic overian syndrome at age 33
Hysto at age 34....kept ovaries and tubes
GI issues for............ since i can remember
Dx IBS years ago but feel it was a "cop" out dx cause they really couldnt find anything else
Most recently.....Dec 08 found a lump in left brest
May of 09 had the lime size benign lump removed
July 09 had endocopy/colonosopy due to constipation/diarrhea, stomach pain , cramping.....came back all neg.
Aug 12, 09 woke up to what felt like a 10 pound razer blade in stomach and very bloated hard stomach.  Had abdominal/Pelvic Ct about 3 days later came back with: Abdomen Findings "Normal".   Pevis Findings: "Septated left ovarian cyst 2cm versus 2 closely adjacent cysts 1 of which my be hemorrhagic, given mild peripheral enhancement.  
Impression: Physiologic size left ovarian cyst, free fluid in the pelvis.
Dr said "Findings" couldn't be related to stomach pain and told me to stop eating Dairy products and come back in a month.  
Have to admitt that the no dairy seemed to work and didn't go by back to the dr yet and i felt so much better until Dec 09.  Around to end of Dec and ever since then the Diarrhea hasent stoped.  I'm occationally nausea, have cramping, usually can't sleep on stomach cause it feels like i have a brick in there, bloating, bad frequent gas, and my pants dont fit any more, and right above my navel i can't stand to touch and it's ususaly rock hard.  On January 29th i was in so much pain i had to be taken home from work and for about 3 hours didnt move cause it hurt so bad.  The same thing has happened about 3 time since then but i cant figure out what triggers it. Each time it happens i havent eaten anything so it cant be the dairy thing (plus i'm still extreemly careful to not eat any dairy).  
What has me confused is how everything is so intermitten.....no ryme or reason....sometimes wakeing my up in the middle of the night with pain that i cant sleep through.  I know i've turned 40 and everything is suppose to fall apart but really .....this is too much.  My appetite is pretty uneventful but have gained 5 pounds and the occaionaly bloating is now just always there.....sometimes it hard to tie my own shoes but then again some days are better than others
I know i have rammbled on and probably dont make much sense but is this an age thing or should i be worried.
When others i have read about talked about some of the same symtoms were they symtoms that were just always there everyday just getting worse or was it a hit or miss on what days would be good or bad?  I've read that to be worried about OC the symtoms just continually just got worse.....and mine have but not every day.  If I was to compare how i felt 6 weeks ago to how i feel today i would say things have gotten worse but i feel like i need to be deathly sick when i go to my dr so she can really see what it is i'm talking about.
Anyone else ever felt a little crazy and maybe it is all in my head cause i'm not sure what to do at this point?
Thanks for any suggestions or coments.
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Have you been tested for Celiac disease (gluten intolerance)? I have Celiac and have experienced many of the same symptoms including ovarian cysts, ectopic pregnancy, fertility problems, digestive problems, bloating, etc, etc, etc.
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I have been tested for Celiac disease and all the other ones they look for when they do a colonoscopy/endoscopy (too many to list) and done the biopsies to rule out everything possible.  I sometimes wonder what the endometreosis has to do with all of this.....could it be doing damage to my insides that wouldn't be picked up on an exam or CT?  What test would detect damage from that?
Thanks for your comment it's nice to know someone may have the answers i'm lookin for.
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