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One ovary removal

One ovary removal
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hello one month back i had laporotomy of omental part cut and stuck on intestines the ultrasound showed cyst in left ovary so the surgeon said the cyst may go away or grow bigger as i will b doing laporotomy i will remove the left ovary too.so along with omentum part. my left ovary was removed i got my periods on 29th day and it seemed normal now when i. googled it i got worried it says women get some diseases and have shorter life expectancy with ovary removal is it all true ? has anyone has one ovary and even years after still healthy?am 38 now
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I'm sorry one of your ovaries was removed. So I assume it kept growing hence the need for removal and it was too difficult to remove the cyst and save the ovary?

Removal of one or both ovaries is associated with some increased health risks. The risks appear to be much greater if both are removed.
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Thnq for responding.deep down am really worried and scared doctor didn't tell of any risks when i asked he said now that you dont want any more issues(i have 2 daughters)removing it wont affect you the other ovary will do its task...googling made me stressed out
Should i relieve myself as only one is removed and i still have other organs along with uterus and tubes
Yes, unfortunately, all you can do is "accept" it and move forward. Seek some counseling if necessary. I had to go through a bit of counseling after all my reproductive organs (that are actually needed for so much more than reproduction) were needlessly removed.
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Sorry for the unnecessary words here am member of ither forums too and instead of typing the same here too i thought of copy and paste option(as am using mobile its not so comfortable typing everytime) while pasting i forgot to delete unwanted terms plz excuse me for this but i do hope u get my question
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