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I have a gyno appointment this week. I am wanting to ask my gyno to do do a hysterectomy before my inurance changes in July 2012.

My reason are: painful periods, pelvic pain after intercourse on the right side only; no schedule on when I will get my periods, sometimes I get them twice a month; I get cysts on the right side (I can tell from the symptoms & pain).

I have had to have my left ovary removed (2009) because there was a 4.5cm complex cysts. I am 41 & we do NOT plan on having anymore kids. My husband had a vesectomy about 6 yrs ago.

My periods are so messed up & painful and having thyroid issues just increases the number of times I get them a month....

I just don't know if my gyno will go for it or not.  Any advice?
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sounds like you are trying to convince others that you need it...maybe what you're really doing is convincing yourself?
if your gyno says no (though i dont see why) then go to another gyno.
make sure you have a great support system though. cause the recovery is quite intense.
best of luck
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Oh no not trying to convince myself. I WANTED one back in 09, however, she said I was too young & did not want to mess up my hormones. I was 38 then. My hormones can't be anymore messed up then they are now due to thyroid levels issues.

I just wanted to know if there has to be a medical emergency to ask for one. The only thing besides the left side having been an issue at one point are cysts in the uterus, but small ones (at least that was a year ago). My colon surgeon (abscess/fistula) did a ct scan & called me to make sure I let my gyno know that the ct scan picked up the cysts & to make sure she was aware of it. I did let her know & she said nothing at that point needed to be done.

I have the symptoms I stated above plus the night sweats & leg pains, but I have adjusted to those. I am underweight as well.

I have had so many surgeries that for most of them I have bounced back & back to work before the required time to be back expired. I hate staying home.....

I guess if I have one less thing to deal with my hormones may settle themseleves with a hysterectomy. I am on thyroid medication & have been for the last 18yrs. I had graves/hyer/toxic goiter after my son was born. I did the RAI then had to have the TT done. The RAI was one reason we only stayed with having one child. I know they say the radiation gets cleared out of your system, but I did not want to risk having another child after I took it. My husband & I were both happy with our choice.

I just don't want feel stupid asking her if it is not an emergency.
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i wouldn't feel stupid about it. especially if your insurance covers it now and wont in the summer. so you have a time issue.
i figure it doesn't hurt to ask, mention the money issue and your doc might understand where you are coming from and agree. worst that can happen is they say no. at least you tried, right? don't feel stupid in asking for something you think will benefit you.  
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Thanks I will.

I have my appt. Friday...so I will let you know how it goes Friday evening..
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great! hope everything goes well.
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