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Ovarian Cyst & Tumor w/other symptoms & questions

I am 33 with 15 & 3 year old daughters. After the first daughter I suffored from secondary infertility and had 6 miscarriages. I was on depo provera for 3 cycles coming off of the depo back last August. In December I started having severe lower back pain. In February it became unbearable so I went to my GP. They did an ultrasound and found that I had a 2 cm ovarian cyst. My GP then sent me to my GYN. The GYN put me on 3 months of birthcontrol pills. Last month my dh and I decided to try for another child. Well...since last month I have been spotting for a week to a week and a half every 2 weeks. During this time from December to currently I have had continuous lower back pain. Sometimes it is bearable but at other times it is unbearable. Last Saturday I started developing lower right sided tenderness that became extreme. I went to the ER last Monday. At the ER they did a CT Scan with contrast. The ER doctor told me that I had a 3 cm tumor on my left ovary and a 4 cm tumor on the right ovary. I finally saw my GYN today. He said that the syst on my left ovary is 3.3 cm and that the tumor on the right ovary is 4.5 cm. He said that the CT scan only showed that the right ovary was enlarged but upon my pelvic exam today he said that the left ovary is just as enlarged and that they are extrememly enlarged. He said that my white blood count is elevated and that I have severe inflamation. He also said something about my lymph nodes but I don't remember what he said. Also, the lower abdominal pain started last Saturday but during that same week I also started experiencing nausia. The left sided pain/tenderness has since subsided but the lower back pain is immense. I litterally have been flat on my back since last week. I tried going to work last Thursday but ended up leaving early. I did go to work this Monday but was in tears by the time I got off. I have been taking two hydrocodone pills at one time. I am going to attempt to go to work tomorrow...but not holding my breath. After my pap today my stomach is very tender in addition to the lower back pain. The GYN did the blood work for the CA 125 test but has me scheduled for surgery this Friday (3 days away) so I'm not for sure if he will have it back by then or not. In addition the other symptom I am having are cold night sweats. They were really bad back in February when I saw the GP & GYN and have since subsided and are now only occasionally. About 7 years ago I had stage 1 dysplasia and had my cervix frozen and scaped. Since then all of my paps have been normal. My mother had to have a total hysterectomy when she was in her early 30's due to having all 4 stages of dysplasia. I'm really worried with all the GYN told me today and with my symptoms that things aren't looking good for me. And of course I'm thinking today that even though my paps have been fine that when they are swabbing the cervix for the pap they will only see things if the cervix is affected and therefore if things are happening up in my uterus/ovary area it wouldn't show up on the pap test? Does this sound like it may be cancerous?
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Edited to add...that I have also had worsening acid reflux in the past week...to the degree that I have been having acid actually back up in my mouth and nose and actually drip out of my nose it has been so bad.
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darlin im so sory ur are going thru this
a pap smear tells them absolutely nothing about possible ovarian cysts or even cancer
did u see a fertility specialist for ur infertile years ?
i pray u find a good second opinion ... preferably with a gyn oncologist ... who is a specialized uber specialist for all these symptoms and can give u a treatment plan u can agree on (he will ask u if u want to preseve ur fertility as well)
go to ur radiologist get ur scans and ultrasounds on a cd and bring the with u to the appointment BEFORE u do the exploratory thing with ur present gyn ... some wise women have counciled me that u must do whats best for u ... be ur own advocate ... be pushy if u need to and empower urself with knowledge
i will hold u in my prayers
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