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Ovarian Cyst with LOTS of septations, what does that mean?

Since I was pregnant with my son (over 8 years ago) I've had pain in my whole pubic region. Sex hurt, if I got up to fast or in an awkward way, I would keel over in pain like something is being ripped from my stomach and not be able to move until it had passed. Almost two years ago I had my uterus removed as there was Adenomyosis. According to my surgeon my uterus did not look pretty when it came out...quite lumpy she said. She did notice endometriosis on my ovaries while she was in there but left the ovaries as there is no need to go into menopause at the age of 32 (I just recently turned 34). Since that surgery the pain in my right side has never gone away. Something happens if I get up to quickly. Finally I had an ultrasound that resulted in an ovarian cyst on my right ovary that has, and I quote, "Lots of septations". From everything I've been reading it may or may not be something to worry about. I guess what I want to know is what are septations exactly and what are the chances that this is nothing at all. I have read that septations are not what doctors like to see and can be worrisome, so with that said, has anyone else had something like this? What ended up happening? What happens if it is cancerous? I'm going back for another ultrasound in a few months but no one is really giving any answers.  Just curious and I want to do that I don't have to worry....yet....
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I'm sorry that your hysterectomy left you with pelvic pain. It could be adhesions / scar tissue or even nerve damage. They do so much internal cutting, it's hard to say what's going on.But our  organs shift after the uterus is removed too so that can cause problems. It certainly has for me.  

Most ovarian cysts are benign and resolve on their own, no intervention needed. Septations are just one trait they look at but they are not always concerning. For one, it depends on the thickness of the septations. And then there are other traits to be considered too such as the thickness and irregularity of the cyst's border. Sometimes what appear to be septations are merely a cluster of multiple (usually simple) cysts making it appear to be one big cyst with septations. Did you get a copy of your ultrasound report? What else does it say about this cyst(s)?

Since they have you coming back for another u/s in three months, they must not be concerned about the cyst(s).
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