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hi, I have Ovarian Cyst for 3months now, original size was 4.6cm 1st transvaginal, 6.4cm 2nd Transvaginal, 5.3cm transvaginal this was lat Oct 2017. had recent transvaginal 9.6cm. with IOTA score 2.6% using LRI.suggestive benign. I know its a big cyst and should be removed immediately, but can I delay the operation since I'm a single parent who has 2 small kids and are both studying.I want to wait till the school ends this March, is it safe to wait that long?, I dont have a choice either I dont have anyone to look after them. Can I use or take something to shrink down the cyst? Thank you
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Ovarian torsion is a risk as the cyst gets bigger. But I've read of a number of cases of very large cysts (quite a bit bigger than yours) that did not cause torsion because the women didn't even know they had a cyst. And torsion is usually very painful.

It's critical that you allow adequate recovery time so it's important to schedule surgery when you know you can take the down time.

Also, it's best to have just the cyst removed versus the ovary since removal of even one ovary can permanently impair function of the remaining ovary predisposing you to increased health risks. Unfortunately, many women lose ovaries (and quite often uterus too) for benign cysts because their gynecologists don't have good cystectomy (cyst removal) skills or want to go the easier and more profitable route of ovary removal. This is something you will want to pin down with the surgeon and make sure the consent form complies with your wishes.

Best of luck to you. Let us know how it goes.
thank you for the reply, Im still scared to do the Transvaginal ultrasound which was due last Jan. Im have done some research and been drinking applecider vinegar wd water for 3months now. hope my cyst will shrink and no longer need surgery. will update once Im done with my TVS
Hopefully, you are having the ultrasound soon. Let me know the results. Had the doctor discussed surgery specifics with you? Will he/she remove just the cyst?
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