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Hi All,

I'm new to the forum, (found it during a search for "ovarian cysts" on the internet) I just joined today.  I was so glad to have found this forum as I have some questions.  Here's the background info first: I was taken to the ER on this past Tuesday with severe abdominal & back pain (on the same side).  After a urine test &  trans vaginal sonogram was done, it was determined that I had "multiple" (ER docs words) cysts.  He said I had 3 different types: follicular, simple and complex.  They (the simple and complex cysts) range in sizes of 2-4 cm/mm (don't remember which one, but the doctor said they were the size of plums.  I was quite alarmed by the whole situation as I had been experiencing symptoms (only knew they were after speaking to the head ob-gyn of the hospital) for a long time (6 months or more, but no earlier than this year as far as I can remember) and thought they were menstrual related somehow.  Long story short (as much as I can :^ )  ), I've been ttc (trying to conceive for 5.5years now with no +tests/pregnancies to date.  I've had a list of tests/treatments and a surgery for what was thought to be a fibroid (but turned out to be an overgrowth of my uterine lining that wasn't shedding properly with each menstrual cycle each month, which cause the bulge in the uterus that the dr. thought was a fibroid) but wasn't so basically the dr. just ended up doing a DNC to remove the excess lining in March of 2007.  The ER dr. had the Head of the ob-gyn dept. come down to the ER to speak with me regarding the ultrasound film & my options.  So basically the ER dr. & Ob-gyn dr agree that I need to have these cysts evaluated immediately based on their size, type and family history (mother is a uterine cancer survivor, she had a hysterectomy in July 2005 at age 60, and various cancers run on both sides of the family from maternal/paternal grandparents on down).

My question(s):  (I don't even know how to ask what I'm thinking really.)

What advice would you all give, considering the background info I've given thus far? (I do have an appt. on Tues. 9/15/08 @ 8:45 with the Ob-Gyn of Oncology at George Washington University Hospital to discuss this)

What can I expect to happen at this point?

In your best "opinion", would you say that my worrying is a bit premature(being as though you all have more experience/knowledge with this?

I hope I haven't offended anyone, just worried right now.

I wish everyone the best outcome possible in your individual situations!

Thank you in advance

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You have come to the right place and are going to the right place.  We would have recommended you to go a gyn/onc.  They are the most trained in this area and it is a good thing they will be doing your surgery.  This doesn't mean you have cancer.  Remember that over 95% of all cysts are benign.  There is some very good information on types of cysts and their symptoms on the health pages (top right).  

Have they given you anything for pain?  Don't be afraid to ask.  There is always going to be worry involved but the waiting will be the most frustrating part.  You will feel so much better when this has been taken care of.  I had surgery June 6 for my cysts and feel better than I have for years now.  Good luck and please keep us posted.
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I couldn't agree more. Seems as though you are doing everything right, and are in good hands..I hope the time passes quickly for you . Please let us know how everything is going.

Take care, Sandy
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the above ladies are so right ... one other thing i would like to add is if u had any fertility/ovulation enhancing drugs such as clomid, they put u at a higher risk for
PCOS ... i think the concern here is that some are larger than what is typically seen
with PCOS and need to be further evaluated ... also it appears u may have had endo before and some of the "cystic" structures can be mixed in with the endo ... also u are
at higher risk for ovarian cysts due to ttc and likely not using any birth control .. sad but true that bc pills reduce our incidence of these diseases
finally .. when u talk to the gyn onc and IF he recommends surgery ... ask about fertility sparing surgery as opposed to TAH/BSO (also know as a radical hysterectomy)

the health topics above are great and heres one i use all the time to research my own condition ... wish me luck my post op is supposed to be monday if IKE doesnt come thru


i pray u get what u want :)

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Thanks for your comments, I really appreciate it.  I'm glad you're doing well since your surgery and feel great!  How many cysts did you have and what were the size(s) if you don't mind sharing?  What type of surgery did you have and how long was the hospital stay?

Thanks again
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Thank you for your well wishes and I will definitely keep you all posted!  
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I had 3 cysts, the largest one was the size of an avacado--(why do they use fruit to descripe them)?  I'd prefer a baseball, frankly.... lol
My hyst/ooph was in early April.  I have several other medical factors, fat, HBP, Diabetes.  None of my cysts were cancerous, and they were fully removed via open surgery, along with all of my female organs.  (I am 46, and beyond bearing children).
I recovered quickly and well for the most part, but I am still getting stronger.  It seems this surgery sort of zaps energy.  It's amazing the things I used to do compared to what I can do today.  So I'm 4 mos-almost 5 months post-op, and still taking it a bit easy on the social life, and traveling for work.  Mostly, I just go to work, come home and raise my kids.  It's all I can do right now, but I'm "OK" with it.
I don't have cancer (what a scare)!  I have found compassionate people on these boards, who will pray for you, encourage you and give you the support we need during these times.

I hope my experience helps you understand that although it may be painful now, it will get better with pro-active attention!

Keep us posted,
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Sorry so late responding to you (had to get back to an assignment at work when I started making my responses) but I wanted to thank you for your response as well as answer some of the questions you asked. I did  take clomid (because I was dx with pcos)about 5 years ago for about 6 cycles, but not since then.  I was told that I could have some endo issues at the er the other night but never before then.  You're right I've never been on bcp either and didn't know they helped prevent cysts.  Thanks for reminding me to ask about fertility sparing surgery as me and my husband definitely want to have children still. Thank you so much for your insight and I will keep you posted.  I hope your post op goes very well and please keep me posted on it.  
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Thank you so much for sharing your comments too.  I'm glad to know that your surgery went well and that you're better.  I'm glad to hear none of your cysts were cancerous!I don't know why they compare it to fruit and I heard that from others before I found out that I had any...lol it is too funny.  Thanks again for sharing your experience and it was helpful..I'll keep you posted on my appt.

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Since ovarian cysts may not cause symptoms, they are usually found during a routine pelvic exam. During this exam, your doctor is able to feel the swelling of the cyst on your ovary. Once a cyst is found, the doctor may perform an ultrasound, which uses sound waves to create images of the body. With an ultrasound, the doctor can see how the cyst is shaped; its size and location; and whether it’s fluid-filled, solid, or mixed. A pregnancy test is also done. Hormone levels (such as LH, FSH, estradiol, and testosterone) may also be checked. Your doctor may want to do other tests as well.

To find out if the cyst might be cancerous, your doctor may do a blood test to measure a substance in the blood called CA-125. The amount of this protein is higher if a woman has ovarian cancer. However, some ovarian cancers do not make enough CA-125 to be detected by the test. There are also non-cancerous diseases that increase the levels of CA-125, like uterine fibroids and endometriosis. These non-cancerous causes of increased CA-125 are more common in women under 35, while ovarian cancer is very uncommon in this age group. For this reason, the CA-125 test is recommended mostly for women over age 35, who are at high risk for the disease and have a cyst that is partially solid.

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hi my name is kurissa can i add u as my friend i resently join this MedHelp and i read your story it was kind of shoking ti me....send me your email so i can add u.
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Hi all I am going through same thing went for ultra sound due to haveing a lot of pain on left side and periods been all over the place and ultrasound picked up that I had a solid cyst and a lot of fluid in abdomen plus utrine fibroids just today had a ca125 test done but so so worried has anyone else had similar experiences please let me know am going out of my mind here
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