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Ovarian Dermoid Rupture

How do I know if I have a ruptured ovarian dermoid? I had one removed off my right ovary in 2006 after I went to the ER for extreme pain. I have been experiencing severe pain in my groin, tenderness over where I had the surgery. The pain comes in waves and goes away. I have had one late odd period but have felt like I'm having pms for over a month. The pain comes and goes and it sometimes so severe I cannot stand. I have had pain all day and now I ache all over. I am fatigued and pale. My appointment with my gyno is one day away, but I am not sure I can bare the pain even one more day. I have been told by 3 doctors to go to the ER. I am 39 with a brain injury and on SS and Medicare. I am tempted to call 911 but I do not want to because it will not be covered unless it is medically necessary. I am scared, in pain and feel like crap. What should I do?
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