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Ovarian Dermoid and Removal

Howdy!  Not sure how much help this would be but I am very nervous about it.  I was hoping someone had the same experience and might be able to offer some suggestions.  I was TTC four years ago with my ex-husband (at 19, maybe not the smartest move) but I was told I had endometriosis and PCOS.  I went to my doctor two weeks ago for pelvic pain and had my "talk" today.  She said that she and the ultrasound tech *think* that I have a dermoid cyst on my left ovary and that the only way to remove it is surgery.  Well, because she isn't sure that she can completely separate it she wants to take out my left ovary.  She is sending me for a CAT scan and did a CA-125 blood test today.  She wants to see if my bowel is attaching someone and if she needs a general surgeon in there as well.  She also said that since I have had previous surgery that she would probably want to do it open instead of laparoscopically to make sure nothing breaks and floats around in there.  Being 23 and wanting to wait before jumping into being a mother so I can go to school, I am terrified.  I was wondering if there was anyone who had gotten pregnant with only one with IUI or IVF, if anyone had had this surgery before, and even though it isn't likely what are the chances that it will come back cancerous since they aren't even really sure.  Thanks everyone!!!!!
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You can still conceive naturally with one ovary.  It picks up the slack for the missing one.  My aunt had one ovary removed as a teen due to a dermoid cyst, and went on to have 5 kids (plus 2 miscarriages) as an adult.
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I'm 70 years old and have just been diagnosed with a 10 cm Dermoid Cyst. What I  would like to know is, Would a cyst make you put on weight and make it difficult to lose it? I've been overweight for a long time and struggle to lose a few pounds only to put them on again. The Dr thinks I may have had the cyst for some time.
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