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Ovarian Removal Surgery

I am having laproscopic surgery (hopefully will remain that throughout) next Tuesday.  I read all the posts from previous years. Doesn't seem to be anything current. I am just wondering will I really be down as long as they say? What can I expect after leaving the surgery center? How long are you in recovery before you go home? Are the stitches covered? Can you get a shower? My doctor really didn't explain anything.  He only scheduled the surgery and thats the next time I will be able to ask. I just want to be prepared. Any help is appreciated.
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Sorry. I could have mentioned my cyst is 8cm and they are taking my right ovary and fallopian tube along with the cyst.  What are the chances they will have to do a full incision?
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hi i had a full incision and also had my right ovary and fallopian tube taken out and i am only 15 i wish you the best of luck
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I had a large ovarian cyst removed in march. Not laproscpic full incision because of adhesions the cyst had attached to uterus. Anyway, my surgery went well. I was in the hospital for 24 hours. I had a catheter for about 14hours after surgery. After they took it out I could use the bathroom on my own. Just needed assistance to shuffle over to it so I did not fall down because of the pain medicine I was on and residual anesthesia, stitches hurt for about 4days but easily managed with alternating ibuprofen with acetomeniphen. I did not like the prescription pain killers. My stitches wf
Here out in 7days and I was driving then too only because I was not on heavy pain medicine. You can't operate a car on those. I was back behind my desk at work on day 8. The incision hurt when I laughed or sneezed for about a week. You will do a bowel prep the day before surgery and you can't eat until your out of surgery ( probably the next morning. 3 months later and my periods are so much lighter and less painful. The surgery was a big relief even though I have a big scare. But I will deal with that. Best of luck to you. I hoped this helped
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