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Ovarian cyst/endometriosis

I have a small chocolate cyst about 3cm on my left ovary and a 6cm chocolate cyst on my right ovary as well as have endometriosis running around all over the place. I have never had surgery before. I found out about the all of this in January and have been putting off surgery due to life/ just plain scared to death. I have never had surgery ever so my anxiety level is high. I won't be getting the surgery til September and I have read a bunch of the posts about post op care. My main concern is what to eat? Am I going to want to eAt? With everything going on I am already losing weight from loss of apatite. Also I already have bowel issues with ibs, is this something I should discuss with my doctor? I have read posts about bloating and gas and bathroom problems well that's my life everyday lol so I hope it doesn't make it worse! Also Should my husband stay home with me for an entire week? Ugh I feel like I have 50 more questions running around so any and all info is helpful. I am starting a list now and prioritizing things as I obviously worry about everything lol. My biggest fear is going under anesthesia. Thanks for your help in advanced.

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Hello! I had 2 surgeries, 1 dec2010 which is removal of fibroids & ovarian cysts caused by endometriosis. I have severe endometriosis. After 6months, july 2011, i had another 1 which is hysterectomy and removal again of ovarian cysts. They left both ovaries bec of the issue of early menopausal. Oct 2011, my cysts came back(endometrioma). My dr put me on birth control pill which didnt work with me. About ur question abt what to eat post op? If u will be having explore/lap, as soon as u passed gas, u will be able to eat. If no passing of gas yet, u will be on clear liquids(broth, jello). Usually u will be discharge, 1-2 days if no complication. My first 1, i stayed for 2 days, my 2nd one, i stayed for 4days bec my hemoglobin was only 6 post-Op. About having ur husband beside u for the whole week, with my case, i have my husband for the entire week, bec u will really need help esp when getting up in bed. Help with walking to the bR, kitchen, shower, etc.. And about the anesthesia, i had 2 of them. My first was worst, i was nauseated til the ff day, my second surgery, it was 3pm, then around 9pm same day, i was totally fine, seemed i didnt had the surgery, pain free, and no nausea. My first surgery i was given dilaudid for pain management(PcA pump) which i didnt like, i had them stopped the ff day, bec im thinking its causing my nausea. On my 2nd surgery, i made them aware that i dont want to have the dilaudid so instead they gave me morphine for pain management which is really pain free.. Now, im
Preparing myself on my 3rd one..my cysts which i had for 3 yrs, my dr wants it removed. Im still thinking about it. Bec it shrink from 10cm to 6cm, bec of depo provera shot. It helps to stop the endometriosis. Bec its stops the estrogen, i hope my answer will help u. Goodluck!
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Hi..Nikki we are same boat I'am 29 I have chocolate cysts endometrioma 10&7cm I have surgery done last MAY-2011 but my OB don't confirmed that is a endometriosis she only said my fallopian tube was twisted she cut it, I'am confused if she cut or removed,anyway after surgery I feel better I still have pain every month of my period but its a normal for me everytime I have period I stayed in bed for 3 days because of pain,after 2 months of my surgery I went to different OB to checked any complication from my surgery I have cyst but not big, 2 years after last Nov.2013 I started pain worse I have heartburn, swelling,bloated,nausea,bowel problem,acne..pain everywhere..don't be scared for surgery its better to have surgery than to have pain..now I am waiting for my 2nd surgery I hope soon..;) you can post also here in endometriosis forum they said its better to have surgery at endometriosis specialist..Good luck God Bless!


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