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Ovarian cyst or stump appendicitis?

I've had an appendectomy 8 months ago, but simptoms came back a month ago: pain in the right of my belly, which migrated in the LRQ after about 2 weeks, bloating, pain in the right side during bowel movements, right leg gets a little numb sometimes. Did a CT scan 1 month ago, it revealed an ovarian cyst of 3.5 cm on my right and a 5 cm one on my left. The pain on my right is persistent and the symptoms are really bad for such a small cyst. My gynecologist didn't give me many explanations, so I've searched for my simptoms online. This way I found out about stump appendicitis and I got mortified it could be that. Could the CT scan have missed it? All the other organs seemed fine.
Last year, I didn't develop fever or vomiting with my appendicitis, reason why it was hard to diagnose, especially because it was behind my ceccum (for 1 month doctors suspected ovary pain...until my appendix burst). Can this time be stump appendicitis and doctors mistake it for cysts again?? I'm scared...
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It's surprising how painful some cysts appear to get for some women while others have no pain with large cysts. Of course, as you said, how does one know if it's the cysts or something else. I had never heard of stump appendicitis so can't comment on it. Hope you get answers and relief soon.
Srump appendicitis is when the small portion of appendix remaining after an appendectomy gets inflamed again. You basically get appendicitis for the second time.
I'm more and more convinced that the pain comes from the cyst though... I was in terrible pain today and I thought that my ovary got torsioned or that the cyst ruptured, becsuse the pain was BAD.  So i had an ultrasound. It turns out the cyst on my right side wasn't bleeding and nothing else was wrong...aside for the fact it actually grew in size again.
So could that give the pain? I just wonder it anyone else feels such pain from a cyst...
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